Carla Dibello: Producing Success

Carla Dibello is a successful television and film producer known for her beauty and unique style in fashion. She moved to Los Angeles and worked hard to develop herself and refine her expertise to enter the world of production.

She has many visions and goals; some she has achieved and others still working on achieving them. Her work gave her the opportunity to work closely with people of influence and celebrities especially the Kardashian family.

She believes the sky is her limit and beauty is a form of being and its best portrayed in our humanity.

Tell us about your childhood?

I grew up in Saratoga, California and I’m 100% Italian American. I was born after 5 minutes from my twin brother and my was shocked when she heard me crying, because she didn’t know that she was pregnant with twins.

How did you enter the world of entertainment?

At the age of 19 I moved to Los Angeles to work as a producer, but I did not have any experience in this field. I looked for several months for producers and film studios to step my first steps in this world and after 6 months I got my first job as an assistant producer.

Did you know that one day you will become a television and film producer?

I always knew, because I adore this field and I realized that if I worked hard I will get it. That time was for me an opportunity to learn more about business and how to enjoy it.

Your job allows you to work with celebrities and people of influence, what have you learned from that?

We are all human beings and I have learned to treat them as friends or colleagues.

Where do you find creativity in your life?

In every project we meet new people and discuss different opinions, and we are trying to bridge the gap between the Middle East and United States. I do not consider myself creative but I have the ability to make deals and develop them. As for the Middle East; my network of relations gave me the opportunity to help companies increase their capital through the production of films and vice versa.

What is your principle in life?

A very difficult question … but if I had the opportunity to choose it would be loyalty.

What motivates you?

I create visions and work on implementing them within 5 or 10 years to always challenge myself and make effort to achieve them.

What are you trying to achieve now?

Sky is my limit; I’m doing what makes me happy. Someone told me one day: “Make sure you are living to work and not working to live”!

Which series you are watching now?

House of Cards and Narcos.

How do you define beauty?

I believe beauty is a form of being and its best portrayed in our humanity.

What are your beauty secrets?

I drink lots of water; 3 liters per day.

Who are your favorite designers?

Roland Moure, Antonio Berardi and Zeena Zaki.

What is the key element that gives woman a unique style in fashion?


Why do we need to be successful?

Persistence, patience and fighting to achieve our goals.

Tell us about your visit to Kuwait?

I feel welcomed and my favorite restaurant here is Dar Hamad that presents Kuwaiti inspired food cravings.

Why did you want to be on the cover of Al Ostoura magazine?

I love Al Ostoura magazine, because it is the best fashion magazine.

What do you say for your Kuwaiti fans through Al Ostoura magazine?

I love Kuwait and I thank everyone for their hospitality and generosity.



Photography Nizar Al-Otaibi / OTB Media Production
Makeup Ghadeer Qambar / GQ Location The Regency Kuwait

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