Asrar Mohammad ..It’s All Worth It!

Travelling to me is all about “randomness”… I love going to random countries, and explore random places within those countries just to meet random people and listen to their stories.

I usually study the costs carefully before making any trip, because I believe that the smart travel is the one who gives you many benefits with a very moderate budget.

My story with traveling began in 2005; when I decided to go on a trip to Germany to visit a friend of mine, but the itinerary changed when I found myself spending most of my time riding trains and exploring Europe in a fun way.

Traveling is difficult especially for people like me who suffer from “Aerophobia”, however, getting to a places where not a single photo can describe how beautiful it is makes it worth the money, the time, and the fear.

There are some trips that I cannot forget such as my trip to Oman this year for skydiving; I was ready to fly, but because of the strong wind I lost my balance and fell down and hurt my knee. And the most beautiful trip was visiting Mount Kosciuszko in Australia.

I travel to explore myself, because understanding cultures, people and traditions makes me understand myself better as well as life.

Quick questions:

  • A country you will never forget, and why? Each country has a special place in my heart.
  • A country you are related to emotionally and psychologically? Philippines.
  • The best people? Sri Lankans who welcomes you from their heart and invite you to their homes for a cup of tea.
  • If travel has seven benefits what the eighth would be? You just never come back from a trip the same person you are.
  • How many stamps you have in your passport? I’ve renewed my passport two years ago and it still has empty pages.
  • A country you will not visit again, and why? I try not to visit a country twice.
  • A country you dream to retire in it: Greece or the Caribbean Islands.
  • When you will stop traveling? When my health prevents me.
  • Three basic needs in your travels? My phone, camera and Wi-Fi.
  • Three important principles for new travelers: Good plan, ask the locals and enjoy every moment of your trip.
  • The plane is a friend or an enemy? Both; in the air it is an enemy and on the ground it is my best friend.

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