The Journey we All Seek

I avoid negative people, negative relationships and weekly family visits, because of a negative personality; I am looking for happiness and happy people… We have heard the preceding sentences frequently in recent years, where the journey to find the optimism and positivity became a popular demand. Personally and through my observations over the years of people trying to reach happiness; I found that this plan does not bring happiness, but make you sail in a sea of negativity. Happiness is not for the weak hearts, but for loving hearts that help others.

In my opinion, happiness lies in realism and accepting the positive and negative aspects of life. Absolute happiness does not exist! And here comes the biggest question… Do you want happiness or the illusion of happiness?

If you are avoiding weekly family visits because of a negative personality; you have to build a shield to protect yourself from the impact of such personality. You have to develop your endurance skills and confronting negative comments.

There is a clear obsession with positivity, but this obsession carries within it many negativities. Escaping from negativity is in itself a negative thing.

I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than surrendering to nature, because there is a happy day and unhappy day. The solution lies in relaxing and not to lie to ourselves by running away from negativity… We will live this lie for few days … and then we will explode.

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