Roberto Coin Introduces Cento Diamonds Collection at The Chairman’s Club Kuwait – Oct. 18

As part of the company’s consistent and continuing pursuit to share the latest techniques in diamond cutting, Al Ostoura hosted a seminar in collaboration with the jewelry designer Mr. Roberto Coin on October 18th, 2016. The V.I.P clients of Al Ostoura attended the seminar which was held at The Chairman’s Club in Kipko Tower. Notable clients had the chance to meet Mr. Coin and learn more about the cutting process the stone goes through. They also had the chance to preview a private and limited Cento collection that was specifically brought for the seminar and will be on display in Roberto Coin Boutique at the prestigious Thuraya Mall.

The Cento is a patented diamond design created recently by Roberto coin. Its name, which means 100 in Italian, sums up the cut’s unique look which is based on 100 facets allowing light to reflect and refract, giving it added brilliance.

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