Omar AL Othman… Seeking the Unknown!

I’ve worked hard throughout my high school years to rely on myself; this sense of independence drove me to study abroad after high school and actually I applied for a scholarship and I won it, but my mother wanted me to stay beside her. Since that day I decided to make traveling my purpose and passion in life.

Today I’m always busy with work and family responsibilities, so traveling became the best way to escape from daily routine. I have realized that travelling makes me understand different cultures and nationalities; this had given me the opportunity to learn about myself in the first place and then to adapt wherever I go. Also traveling has taught me that my life is very precious, important and valuable to spend it observing the life of other’s.

I decided that I like the hard type of travelling; I enjoy reaching secluded destinations, roads never been travelled and obscure restaurants. I enjoy hunting for unknown facts & sharing it with all my followers. People ask me how many stamps I have in my passport. Well, I have two passports full of stamps and visas. I really don’t have the time to count them.

Off course, we face many difficulties while traveling, but I definitely consider them a part of the adventure. During our visit to one of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, while I was walking in a very narrow road along the mountain; I slipped down into the river and they took me to a hospital in a poor neighborhood that was not well equipped and When I returned to Kuwait I had a surgery to remove a tumor that appeared after that incident.

The best destination I’ve visited was South Africa, where I stayed for several weeks with my wife who enjoyed my explanations about the historical places.

Quick questions:

A country you are attached to emotionally: Sweden

The kindest people: Americans

The toughest people you have known: Turkish people

A country you will not visit again: None

A country you dream to retire in: Spain.

Three things you would not travel without: phone, computer and camera.

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