Fatma Batouq: The Accomplished Athlete!

Introduce yourself?

My name is Fatma Batouq, I was born in Singapore and moved to Saudi Arabia in a young age, where I have learned everything about the world of business untill it became one of my goals in life to be a successful business leader. I have worked in major commercial companies for a long time, but I have always loved sports so I started looking for different ways to spread the idea of sports in my society, thus the idea of my sportswear brand Tima LOVE Life was born.

How did you enter the world of sport?

At first sport was only a personal goal and over time it became my passion and mission in life. Sports of all kinds change your life; they build up self-confidence and teach you determination in addition to many other benefits.

Arab women find it difficult to devote some time for exercise, what do you say to these women?

Life is all about priorities, and I think sports should be a main priority in every woman’s life.

What motivates you to continue to challenge yourself and your abilities?

I am a positive person who does not let negative things affect his life. My goal is to see women in the Gulf successful in their personal lives and in their careers.

Who is Tima and why does she loves life?

I lunched my sportswear brand Tima LOVE Life in 2012 to encourage the idea of fitness among women in Saudi Arabia. The brand celebrates women for being feminine, strong, confident, unique, funny and persistent.

What is the main goal of your brand?

It aims to spread a healthy and positive life style.

Did you find difficulty in this field?

It was a huge challenge to convince the female Saudi consumer with my local sports wear brand. But with persistence Tima won the prize of Best New Sports Product in the Middle East.

What distinguishes Tima LOVE Life from other brands?

My designs are characterized by striking colors and silhouettes that fit the body of the Arab Women. We are proud to use the finest fabrics; it is very flexible, comfortable and it tightens the body.

Any final thought?

Go out of your comfort zone and make the change.

Impressive Resume:

Fatima is a high-level trainer she holds 3 stars for spinning, fitness trainer in CanFitPro, personal trainer in CanFitPro, , certified personal trainer in ACE, Yoga Fit trainer, TRX trainer, Peak Pilates trainer and kick boxing trainer.

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