Bader Binghaith .. The Artist &The Teacher!

Who is Bader Binghaith?

I am an ambitious citizen seeking to play his role as a conscious citizen who enjoys his full rights. I also love caricature and currently I publish my work in Al-Rai daily newspaper.

How did you enter the world of caricature?

My mother always encouraged me to draw and art teachers at the elementary level palyed a huge role in developing my talent. Also I found at Kuwait University, artistic care from the professor and artist Suhaila Al-Najdi, who introduced me to the art of caricature. My first sketch was published in the university’s newspaper and since that day I kept on drawing until I officially joined the university’s newspaper and after that I started working in the local press.

Do some people still believe that Caricature is considered as a negative sarcasm?

The art of Caricature is a universal common ground, it’s no longer considered as a negative sarcasm! Our society now does understand it and appreciate it.

Are most political cartoons intended to be funny?

He should not be a clown; he is an artist and has ideas and tools analyze any topic or issue.

What are the Cartoonist’s main qualities?

Courage, modesty, renovation and accepting criticism.

Did you face any kind of danger because of your art?

Yes, I had been harassed and I was accused with a charge but thank God I was innocent of the charges; this is the tax of facing serious issues.

Tell us about your work in “Al Rai” newspaper?

Any Cartoonist aspires to reach a large base of readers and “Al Rai” newspaper has a large percentage of readers. I am proud to join this newspaper that gave me a distinct space of freedom to publish.

Which topics you avoid in your drawings?

I avoid superficial topics and sectarian issues.

The last book you read?

A novel for Kuwaiti writer Taleb Al Refai titled “ Fi Al Hana” .

What are your main cartoon characters?

I prefer silent symbolic school in Caricature. Therefore, the characters and symbols I draw I leave them to the public without designations in that way the drawing would live longer.

What inspires you?

The theater; I have many friends in the field of theater and I discuss with them many issue and derive my inspiration from their ideas.

Three things you love?

I love my work as a teacher, my country and my wife and my sons Fatima, Nasser and Dalal.

A project you still working on?

A cultural project dedicated to Kuwait I am working on it with a group of friends.

A country you love.


Your best vacation.

Last summer I had a tour in four European cities: Frankfurt, Milan, Interlaken and Strasbourg.

Your dream car.

Yellow  Corvette.

Your dream watch.

Gucci digital watch.

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