Aziz Al Mudhaf Exploding all Over Kuwait!

The Kuwaiti young artist Aziz Al Mudhaf is in short, the output of many experiences and mixed feelings of happiness, frustration and isolation. Although Aziz is still very young, but we have noticed his commitment to his art and his thoughts in a community that do not gives art the attention and care it deserves. But Aziz proved the ability of the new generation to overcome challenges through the success he had achieved during his career.

In the beginning Aziz’s drawings were affected with the Japanese Animation, but today he is more affected with the abstract expressionist movement; he usually draws vague figures that have no specific gender or identity, but the colors he uses to describe their feelings are very clear. This contradiction between the figures and their feelings in Aziz’s paintings add a touch of surrealism.

When I asked Aziz whether his characters are sad and angry, he said: “I do not think so, they are maybe a little bit dark but they are not sad; they embody life in all its ups and downs”.

Aziz is inspired by the people’s features and reactions, he explains “People think when I draw, I express my feelings but this is not true, because I cannot draw when I’m in a bad mood”.

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