The Ramadhan Sisters

Building a Beauty Empire:

Having the Opportunity to marry our passion with work is something worth going to work everyday.


With a background on Merger and Acquisitions, she focuses now on the inorganic growth of Apotheca by acquiring new brands as well as diversifying the portfolio of the company.

Our Company’s portfolio is always tight, small and composed of market leaders within their categories.


After graduating from USC, she trained and worked at UBS Investment Bank, Wafra Investment Advisory Group and StormHarbour Securities Fixed Income Investment Bank.

Today, she is based outside Dubai and focuses on the company’s organic growth into new retail outlets, as well as manages the UAE operations team.


Completed her bachelor’s degree in BA Management Information System and worked for 5 years at HSBC Bank Middle East Kuwait, in operations. She is based outside of Kuwait and manages the Kuwait Operations Team. Her main focus is on expanding the retail side of Apotheca’s business.

Once ego gets in the way; the bigger lesson is missed and you spend far more time dwelling, than learning, overcoming and ultimately persevering.


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