The Tastiest Fruits Ever!

I recently found out that there is a law in some states forces the market owners to remove damaged fruit or vegetables from shelves. For this reason, cooperatives make sure to remove the fruit as soon as it’s ripe. For this reason also it’s difficult to buy ripe fruits from the supermarket.

It is known that fruit go through stages of ripening until it rots and the presence of ripe fruits between unripe ones will accelerate its ripen. Just as one rotten apple spoils all apples in the basket for this reason they are removed from the shelves quickly. For the same reason also; fruits are picked up Long before its ripening  to be prepared for shipping, export, import, customs, and finally to put them on the shelves before they ripe and rot.

Natural and organic nutrition school believes in waiting for the fruit to ripe slowly; to contain the highest nutritional value. Unfortunately this is not possible in the concept of modern shopping that relies on shipping and importing fruits from distant locations.

It is worth mentioning that the fresh fruit picked up in it’s ripen time; contains the best nutritional value and it is also easier to digest from the others. Modern trading method of fruit is causing an environmental problem; for that activists in the field of environmental protection are demanding to reduce the consumption of imported fruit. That is why I’m really surprised by shoppers who neglect Kuwait agricultural products and go immediately to the imported fruits and vegetables, believing they are tastier! On the contrary, the more the supplying country is close to our region; the crops were more useful and tastier. Environmental awareness is very important; to find out how things are going around us might help us in an indirect way. Modern agriculture techniques have made the world’s deserts fertile and productive for various products. In my house in Kuwait, despite the modest capabilities we have a good product of figs, mangoes, papayas and other fruits.

Finally, remember when you travel to anywhere in the world make sure to eat local fruits from the street. They are the tastiest fruits ever.

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