Ron Mueck: The King of Hyper-realistic Sculpting

Who would have thought that the human’s features and his feelings could be so magnificent? We live within ourselves and we look at humans around us every day; watching these features and faces, but we would never believe that we are an artistic pieces walking on the ground!

London-based sculptor Ron Mueck, formerly a model maker and puppeteer for children’s television and films, has been creating fine art sculptures since 1996. Using resin, fiberglass, silicone, and many other materials, Mueck constructs hyper-realistic likenesses of human beings, while playing with scale. The detailed sculptures are captivating when viewed up close, as they may be many times larger or smaller than expected.

Ron Mueck finds art in our ordinary lives and our simple bodies. He is well known for his super realistic sculptures where he portrays humans at key stages in the life cycle, from birth through middle age, to death. He has a very special look for humanity; all his sculptures shows that swept London lately moved something inside all who have seen them for example sculpture entitled “Mask II”, which displays a huge man face sleeping peacefully will make you forget for few seconds that he is not real.

Why Ron finds all this interest in normal daily expressions? Why he spends all this time to master the embodiment of the green veins beneath the cold skin layers? In fact, no one knows how this artist thinks; he does not appear in interviews of any kind, he only watches people from a distance to find inspiration that move his golden fingers to make a new mysterious sculpture. And despite the fact that all his sculptures are enchanting, but we do not know if those sculptures mimic real or imaginary personalities. However, the fact that sizes range from very small to gigantism it sends an implicit message that the all humans are the same despite the differences that separate us.

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