Beauty Pro Talk

Sephora PRO team visited Kuwait to launch new collection of make-up and introduce the unparalleled international beauty leader. Al Ostoura interviewed   Julie Taing in an exclusive interview highlighted Sephora- the best beauty destination!

What does Sep

hora means?

Sephora gets its name from a blend of two words. The first is the Greek word “sephos” which means “pretty,” and the second is the name “Zipporah” who, according to the Bible, was the wife of Moses known for her beauty.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is an art that depends on the desire to express oneself using skin as a white board that could be colored and structured to highlight its strengths.


What makes this field full of adventure and excitement?

This world is changing constantly and the workers in the world of the makeup and cosmetics evolve with the evolution of the universe.

nuit-kajal-sephora-autunno-2016-1 (Medium)

What is Sephora’s message to all women in the world?

To teach, inspire and encourage women to play the beauty game in the right way.

Our job to make beauty simple and uncomplicated and make its ways clear and does not need any explanation. As well as to solve all the problems related to beauty simply and conveniently.

What is the most important principle which summarizes your experience in the field of make-up?

Makeup should always be fun. It comes right off.


How do you Sephora choose the brands and products they represent?

Our procurement team travels around the world in search of the latest products, methods and components to provide it to our customers.


What is the reason for your visit to Kuwait?

To present the new kohl pencil Nuit Kajal; an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting kohl pencil for lining the eye contour and inner rims of the eyes.


Do you have special tips for women in Kuwait?


Women in Kuwait should prepare the skin properly before putting make-up. I also advice using fix setting spray and it’s important to        avoid putting a lot of powder in the oily areas of the skin and to use  instead formulations that rely on light powder for these areas.


What would we find in your daily makeup bag?

I like to use products of different brands but I make sure to use Sephora products in the first place. I also like Make Up For Ever lipsticks and eyebrows cosmetics from Benefit.


What do you use to highlight your eyebrows?

Anastasia eyebrow powder and Benefit eyebrow pencil and gel.


Which is your favorite mascara?

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.


Which is your favorite moisturizing cream?

Murad, Fresh and Sunday Riley.


Tell us about Sephora’s new makeup brushes?

The production team at Sephora listened to the requests and observations of hundreds of users and came out with a wonderful and professional makeup brushes characterized by high quality.

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