Organic Fever

In recent years, a healthy phenomenon emerged urging people to commit to natural organic food free of chemicals and preservatives. Although I am advocate of organic food style, but I discovered that organic food is causing a state of tension, anxiety, and even obsession for many people!

People try to eat natural foods to live a healthy life and avoid diseases, but their quest turns into something else completely different, because of the amount of negative energy usually associated with such news, resources and information.

Some frequent scenarios among people who wish to follow an organic program:

  1. Unavailability of the necessary ingredients to prepare meals that they find in the Internet.
  2. Fear of friends and family criticism.
  3. Failure to change and thus more cynicism from the people around them.
  4. The need for more information.
  5. Reliance on simple sources that offer superficial information may contain contradictory information.
  6. Lack of sufficient time to develop a deliberate plan to achieve the goal.
  7. The comparison between the life of the beginner and the lives of the people who already achieved the goal.
  8. Idealism, precision and extreme care are other reasons for failure.
  9. Putting pressure on the people around to make them colleagues in the trip of change against their will. In this case the person feels that the environment does not support him properly; this is also other reason for failure.

For all these reasons, we find many people, who want to change their food to organic or natural; nervous and worried. Natural food should be a source for positivity, fitness, happiness, physical and psychological comfort, rather than that it is becoming a source of anxiety, tension and negativity.

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