Farah Bisharah: The Avid lover of Music

I am

A lover of life.

My first passion in life:

Art and music.

In my spare time:

I practice yoga, cook and practice artistic crafts!

An experience I would enjoy:

Learning interior design to create a special sense in the space we live in.

I find myself in:

In my job as a radio presenter.

I describe my style as:

Simple and comfortable accented with bright colors.

Travel for me is:

Freedom and exploration of the spirit.

Kuwait for me is:

My house in this world.



I chose to work in the radio because it is:

I always wanted to work in this field because I love to talk about music and albums. I believe that presenting music to people every day is the most beautiful job in the world.

I summarize my life by:


An adventure I would like to experience:

Spending time in an African village and learn their culture and customs.

My idol in life:

My Father.

A place I love:

New York.

The kindest people in the world are:


My favorite trait:

My positive attitude.

 What distinguishes my personality:

My ability to make friends anywhere.

My favorite designer:

Frederique Trou-Roy of Manoush.

The best part of fashion:

Regeneration, diversity and change to fit all shapes and tastes.

What I don’t like about fashion:

Abundance and imitation.

My pleasure in life:

My dog Bagel is the biggest joy in life.

I feel like a child when:

I watch old Disney cartoon movies.

I find my energy in:

Beautiful song whether new or old!

The Kuwaiti woman in my opinion is:

Powerful, successful and excellent business woman.

My art is:

Cooking; I can bake delicious sweets and make tasty pizza and pasta.

I see my existence as a woman:

Being a woman made me driven, passionate, loving, and always in search of the vibrant things in life!

Success will be achieved when:

My success and ambition cannot stop at a specific point.

I overcome my sorrows:

Praying and sport; reminding myself it’s not the end of life and everything will get better in the end.

I derive my energy from:

Anything that inspires me in life perhaps a comfortable cushion or a luxury cruise. I derive my energy from small and large things that give me joy.

The most important person in my life:

My mother.

My most important accomplishments:

My work as a presenter on the radio.

I hate:

Hypocrisy and lying.

I declare I am:

Still discovering life day after day.

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