Amin Fari ..The Music Handyman!

Describe yourself.

I am Amin a young Kuwaiti; my father Kuwaiti and my mother Puerto Rican. I work in the music industry; music production, listening and playing music.

What distinguishes you from other men?

Maybe my work; I write and perform songs and work with musicians from different countries.

What is your biggest passion life?

Music, fashion and luxury food. I also love to travel because it enables me to look for these three things in different parts of the world.

How do you define creativity?

I discovered that creativity is not just a way of self-expression; it is also seeing things differently and solving problems in an unordinary way.

How did you enter the world of music?

I began to learn the guitar when I was in high school and I started to socialize with other musicians until music became a part of my life. At the same stage, one of my professors introduced me to poetry; I read avidly and started to write my own poetry, which evolved into songs. In the beginning the songs were simple, but with training and practice my talent evolved and I became a writer and singer.



What inspires you?

I find my inspiration in different cultures, I hear a lot of Arab, European and Latin music, and despite its differences in style and nature, but I like to blend different melodies with each other.

What is the message of your music?

My music offers a message of love, peace, charity and prayer. Art brings people together in classy positive feelings.

Do you have an audience in Kuwait? What is their opinion in your music?

Yes, I have a lot of listeners from Kuwait, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles. The audience understands my music and the way that I mix between cultures. I have also traveled and performed in various countries such as Dubai and Puerto Rico.

Who is your idol in life?

Kanye West.

In your opinion, what is beauty?

Beauty is related to rarity and strangeness. Also, charisma, beauty of the heart and morals are essential part of beauty.

Tell us about designing rings?

My father is the artist Farid Abdal he wanted to blend his artistic works with designs of rings. I worked with my mother and my sister Alia to create unique rings inspired by my father’s art.

Who is the best men’s fashion designer?

Public House, Off-White and I am also like Visvim and Rick Owen.

Name a shoe brand you always purchase.

Vans and Nike.

What are the three pieces of clothing every man should have?

  1. Button up shirt.
  2. Fedora hat.
  3. Good pair of shoes.

Name someone you love in life.

My grandfather; he knew what he wants in work and life.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Maybe in a chalet in Europe or teaching children music.

Your dream car.

Black G-Wagen from Mercedes-Benz.

 Your dream watch.

Rolex President.

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