Mary Katrantzou Gets a Night at the Paris Opera

Reuniting with choreographer Justin Peck, designer Mary Katrantzou has designed costumes for his new ballet, Entre Chien et Loup. She previously worked with the 28-year-old ballet rule breaker, famous for his collaborations with the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Shepard Fairey, at the New York City Ballet, where he’s the resident choreographer. Though Katrantzou’s designs for Entre Chien et Loup aren’t made by hand, she did custom-fit them to each individual dancer—they qualify as couture in that sense. “There’s a realness to the dancers that you don’t think about when you’re designing clothes to be walked in. You think about body proportions and movement in a different way,” she explained. “It gives a reality to clothes, stated the designer.

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