Bernat, the Chef from Spain!

Describe yourself.

I am a Chef from Catalonia currently working in Kuwait. I like my work to the maximum extent. I love life and I am trying to live it the way I like. I am also secretly a nerd and I love watching science fiction movies and reading super heroes’ books.

What distinguishes you from other men?

I am honest with myself and with others. My personality is unique I do not like imitating others and I do not care what others say about me as long as I am convinced with the idea or the way I live.

Your passion in life:

Cooking is my biggest passion; also I love to travel and explore new countries and learn about different cultures. I also love the art of graffiti and have several attempts at creating my own designs.

What brought you to Kuwait?

I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I came to Kuwait after since I had an opportunity to come to this country to work on innovating and presenting Spanish and global food in a new restaurant in Kuwait called ‘C Lounge’.

How did your journey start in the world of cooking?

I’ve loved cooking since my childhood. I used to watch and help my mom in the kitchen every day. Gathering at the same table and eating the tastiest homemade Spanish dishes is a large part of the tradition that I grew up on. The love that we feel in mom’s dishes is what made me love this field.

What kind of food do you specialize in?

Appetizers; my approach in innovation is combining the authentic and modern and blending flavors from different parts of the world to create new and delicious flavors.

What’s your favorite flavor profile?

Fresh bread with a piece of cheese. In cooking, I use caramelized onion, because it adds different flavors to the dishes. It can be used as a basis for a recipe or as a final touch on another dish.

Three ingredients that are indispensible to you?

  1. Olive oil.
  2. Onion.
  3. Garlic.

Tell us about your new restaurant.

Recently we opened ‘Backyard’ restaurant. It is a new concept that offers simple and delicious dishes to all who want a quick snack, whether on the road or in the office. Dishes are varied from appetizers to main dishes and various sandwiches.

In your opinion who is an elegant man?

Sean Connery in the James Bond movie series.

Who is your idol in life?

Pharrell Williams, as he has a lot of achievements recently after he produced a group of the most successful songs that swept the world, but he didn’t lose his modesty.

Name a famous chef who inspires you.

Carlos Argiñano is one of the most famous chefs in Latin America and Spain. I love his authenticity and passion for his work; he loves to reach out to people and teach them proper cooking methods through healthy and delicious recipes.

Who is the best men’s fashion designer?

It is difficult to choose one designer. I love mixing clothes from brands such as H&M with Black Kaviar and Givenchy.

What is your advice for young people passionate about cooking?

Travel to distant and different countries; taste their food and understand the history of their cuisine. Take as much of diversity and experience and then go back to create dishes that mixes local with the global.

What’s your most important principle in life?

There is nothing more important than honesty. It is the key to successful relationships in your professional and personal life.

In your opinion, what is beauty?

For me beauty lies in diversity, I can see beauty in a palette of harmonious colors, or in a dish garnished artistically. I see beauty in my wife as she prepares to work in the morning. Beauty is in everything and everywhere.

Do you love fashion?

Fashion is definitely a big part of my life… our cat is even named Versace!

Do you think that there is a correlation between fashion and cooking?

Sure, the chef’s style is reflected in his dishes just as fashion designer’s style is reflected in his designs. There are also trends in the world of cooking just like in fashion and both the chef and designer should follow and understand these trends.

Name a shoe brand you always purchase.

Nike because it is convenient and beautiful at the same time.

What are the three pieces of clothing every man should have?

Black jeans, a beautiful watch, and a good pair of shoes.

Does your wife inspire in your field?

My wife inspires me to be the best person I can in both my personal and professional life. Every day she shows me what it means to work hard, to always give your best efforts, and to just be happy with a big smile on your face!

Your dream car.

Mustang Fastback 1965.

Your dream watch.

Patek Philippe Nautilus in rose gold.

Name a suit brand you would want to add to your closet.

Every man needs at least one Armani suit in his closet.

Name a vacation you will never forget.

The first trip I went with my wife to Paris.

Which book are you reading now?

The novels of the Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Name a country you would like to visit.

I would love to travel to Singapore.

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