Woman to Know… Danah Aljasem

Danah Aljasem is an active figure in the community. She encourages business initiatives and the development of small enterprises; she is a businesswoman, innovator, wife, and mother working in the field of strategic marketing after she fought to complete her studies and find a passion in life.

Head of Marketing Department at KAMCO Investment, a member of the Marketing Association subordinate the Union of Investment companies. She loves her work and is always eager to learn the cultures of people from all over the world.

She graduated from the American School in Kuwait and then moved to USA and graduated from George Washington University with honors majoring in Business Administration. She worked at the World Bank in Washington and joined KAMCO investment company in 2004 and she works in the field of strategic marketing. The founder of the “Hala” Expo Exhibitions Company, she loves to play volleyball and was a member of her university’s volleyball team. She likes tennis and badminton, speaks three languages, is married, and has two wonderful sons Faisal and Suleiman Al Hanif.

My first passion in life:

Spending time with my family and learning languages. My passion in working is innovation and commitment to business ethics.

In my spare time:

I try to take greatest comfort at home or a spa.

An experience I would enjoy:

I want to overcome my fear of heights.

I find myself in:

Helping others; at my work in the investment company we have a social responsibility plan that affects many important issues like embracing initiators. We also offer opportunities for many small and medium enterprises in the “Hala” Fair.

I describe my style as:

Elegant and unpretentious.

Travel for me is:

My beautiful escape from the requirements of everyday life.

Kuwait for me is:

My big home and the place where I always find my heart.

I chose to work in the field of organizing exhibitions because it is:

I can express my passion for public relations and marketing; I can be creative and showcase my abilities in these two fields. Also the exhibitions give me the chance to meet creative people.

I summarize my life by:


An adventure I would like to experience:

Skydiving, but I am afraid of the idea.

My idol in life:

My family, because every one of them taught me something new; and made me the woman I am today.

A place I love:


The kindest people in the world are:


My favorite trait:

My smile.

What distinguishes my personality:

My love for people and spontaneity.

My favorite designer:

Elie Saab and Chanel.

The best part of fashion:

It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves.

What I don’t like about fashion:

Trends which don’t fit me.

My pleasure in life:

My family and children.

I feel like a child when:

I receive gifts from the people I love.

I find my energy in:

Leadership, organization, and working with a team.

The Kuwaiti woman in my opinion is:

Ambitious and stylish.

My art is:

Dealing and adapting with others.

I see my existence as a woman:

Motherhood, social status, and being active in the community.

Success will be achieved when:

I see my personal and practical goals come true.

I overcome my sorrows:

Through spending time with close friends and family.

I found my courage when:

I lived alone in the United States to complete my studies.

I derive my energy from:

Sentimentally from appreciation, and practically from playing volleyball.

The most important person in my life:

There are many important people, but I’m still learning from my husband.

My most important accomplishments:

Accomplishing my current success and social status.

I hate:

Seeing the suffering of others and negative energy.

I declare I am:

Delicate, passionate, ambitious and love to work hard and to help others.

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