Beauty Interview with Christian Abouhaidar

–          How do you see beauty? And how do you define it?

What I love about beauty is that it’s so individual – there’s no one true definition of it. Everyone is different, which makes my career exciting. Working with people and helping them to feel beautiful inside and out is what makes every day worth it.

–          What inspired you to be in this field?

My source of inspiration was my mother. Back when I was young we used to attend a painting and craft school together; while growing up I used to draw on my friends’ faces with chalk during recess.

After finishing my English literature major at the Lebanese University, I decided to take some makeup courses during summer and that’s where it all started.

–          You are from Lebanon, one of the pioneer cities in beauty and makeup. What legacy has Lebanon given to the region?

Lebanon is a beautiful country and one which is thriving in the beauty industry. The looks here are striking, unique, and inspiring and offer a new dimension to makeup looks. We have a lot going on here, with many exciting brands choosing to launch here – providing a huge boost for the area and making us a hub for the industry in the Middle East.

–          Tell us three very popular mistakes you see women make when applying their makeup?

  1. Not cleaning their makeup brushes – clean brushes which are well-looked after will apply makeup better and help prevent blemishes too.
  2. Not using primer – primer is extremely important for making your makeup to last longer as well as to create a smooth base for easier application.
  3. Not blending – blending is essential for natural looking makeup across the face and eyes. Invest in some blending brushes for more professional looking results.

–          Three most important principles everyone should know about makeup?

  1.  Everyone is different, so not everyone can pull off every look – it’s about what suits your style, personality, and features.
  2. Skincare is important – without a good base, any makeup you apply will look dull or greasy.
  3. Applying makeup is all about enhancing your best features. Work out what they are and focus your makeup on those.

–          Three basic beauty items?

Bronzer, lip balm, and moisturizer – they may be basic but they are essential, especially on those no-makeup days!

–          A celebrity you were very excited to work with?


–          A celebrity you would love to work with?

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

–          A global face you dream to work on?

Charlize Theron

–          What is the one brand that you can’t work without?

There are so many! I use a lot of MAC cosmetics when I’m working – their products and color range help me create a range of different looks. –

–          Name a brand that revolutionized the world of makeup.

Probably Estée Lauder. Their skincare and makeup products are loved around the world and they are now behind some of the most famous makeup brands in the world such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and Smashbox.

–          Name an invention that made a big impact in the makeup industry.

Eyelash curlers! They go back to the 1930s but they’re still a popular tool today. Even if you’re applying false lashes, curlers can make a big difference to your look.

–          Which products do you usually use to achieve the perfect eyebrows?

I prefer to use powder and pencils to create perfect brows, rather than the gels which have been growing in popularity recently. Benefit makes some great brow products in a range of colors, whilst MAC’s Eyebrow Crayon is perfect for creating subtler, more natural-looking brows.

–          Which eye shadow palettes are your favorites?

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are always in my kit! I am in love with the latest one, Naked Smoky, which creates some gorgeous looks with plenty of color payoff and are long lasting too. The brush that comes with the palette is great for shading and blending too.

–          Which is your favorite mascara?

Again, there are so many great ones to choose from but my favorite at the moment is Armani Eyes to Kill. It creates fuller, longer-looking lashes and has a great, no-clump formula which is ideal when working in a hot climate!

–          Name a makeup artist you admire?

I recently got to work with Francesca Tolot, which was a dream come true. She’s worked with some of the world’s most famous faces, including Elizabeth Taylor and Beyoncé and I’ve been a big admirer of her work for years. Take a look at some of her work – she’s inspiring!

–          What are the new summer trends we need to know about?

Summer makeup this year has an emphasis on natural, but plenty of glow to illuminate the complexion. Invest in products with a gold or bronze hue for that sun-kissed look!

–          Any exciting projects you are working on?

As it happens, I am! I’m currently in the middle of launching my own range of 3D Fiber and Velvet Fiber false lashes, and I’m really excited about it. I love that false eyelashes can add a whole new dimension to a look and wanted to create a professional, elegant range that can be used to create many different looks. The range will be available online in August 2016.

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