A Girl to Know… Shahad Al Mo’men!

There are many ambitious girls in Kuwait who are trying to find their way in life. We would like to highlight Shahad Al Mo’men for whom we foresee resounding success in the future. She began her career in public relations; now watch out for her in the future.

I am

Shahad Al Mo’men.

My first passion in life:

Travel. I love the change and learning from other cultures which enriches my career and makes me accept differences.

In my spare time:

I exercise. I believe that taking care of the body and health will reflect positively on the mind and spirit.

An experience I would enjoy:

Traveling to different countries around the world. I would like to know most of the civilizations and people, and volunteer to help the needy.

I find myself in:

Practicality; in the field of public relations and marketing.

I describe my style as:

Contemporary, modern, youthful, and fresh.

Travel for me is:

It is happiness for the spirit, mind and body; all our feelings move and grow by travel. The mind knows more and the body moves in order to explore the mysteries of the lands we visit.

Kuwait for me is:

Home where I come back to, and the land that cannot be dispensed.

I chose to work in the field of public relations and marketing because it is:

There is nothing mundane in it. It is a fresh field that allows me to configure many relationships professionally.

I summarize my life by:


I lost myself:

I did not lose myself; bad experiences make me more determined to be a better and stronger person.

An adventure I would like to experience:

Sky diving.

My idol in life:

My mother.

A place I love:


The kindest people in the world are:

The Omanis, because they are a very hospitable and helpful people.

My favorite trait:


What distinguishes my personality:

I am ambitious and peaceful.

My favorite designer:

Oscar de la Renta because he combines femininity and sophistication.

The best part of fashion:

It is renewable and allows women to show the style they choose to highlight their personalities.

What I don’t like about fashion:

The outlandishness that does not suit my community and its traditions sometimes!

My pleasure in life:

My friends.

I feel like a child when:

I cry.

I find my energy in:

Work and sports.

The Kuwaiti woman in my opinion is:

A woman who combines strength of character and the capacity of leadership while keeping her impressive femininity.

My art is:

Old music, movies, and plays.

I see myself as:

Simple. They say that women are always complicated, difficult to understand and to deal with. I do not believe this at all.

Success will be achieved when:

I own my private brand.

I overcome my sorrows:

Through my friends and travel.

The most important secret I’ve discovered in life is:

Not to give situations and experiences any more attention than they deserve.

I derive my energy from:

My mother and my friends.

The most important person in my life:

My mother.

My most important accomplishments:

Working at Al Kayan Company.

I hate:

Bullying and lying.

I declare:

I’m still at the beginning of achieving my ambitions; there is still a lot of time to achieve more.

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