Beauty Talk with Genoveva Claudia

  • Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Bucharest. My 4th grade art teacher discovered my talent when I drew my entire class. Art is a huge part of my life as my godfather was the famous art critic and collector Lucian RaduStanciu. I grew up in his art gallery playing with works by Tolstoy, Luqian, and Constantin Brancusi. I studied Fine Arts in Spain and tried to develop my own style but with no luck. I know that everything happens for a reason! When I moved to Kuwait everything changed. The culture really inspired me, the makeup, the mystery of the ladies, everything! Then is when knew I would be a makeup artist.

  • When did you start experimenting with makeup?

I did my very first makeup in 2011. I started out doing makeup on myself and friends, and spent years taking lots of close-up photos so I could see exactly how my work translated on camera (I’m a perfectionist in that way). Soon after I was doing makeup for a lot of people.  I began studying and getting as much training as I could while building my portfolio. The big secret is I’m actually kind of a tomboy. I think that everyone’s makeup should be the best representation of themselves. I don’t believe in changing the way someone looks, unless it’s for an editorial. I developed my own style: a mix of Middle East and European makeup. I quickly realized how much fun it was to exercise control over one’s appearance, confidence, and personal style. It’s amazing what difference the little things can do.

  • How do you define beauty?

Beauty is the opposite of perfection. It’s about confidence, charisma, and character!

  • Who was your childhood beauty icon?

When I was a little girl I used to love Sophia Loren because my mother used to look like her!

  • Who is your contemporary beauty icon?

Marilyn Monroe is my number one beauty icon. Besides her ravishing beauty, she was the smartest girl of the 20th century; she knew every single angle of her face, and all the beauty tricks.

  • Is there a local girl that you think embodies the kind of beauty you like?

Yes, there is a local girl that inspires me everyday, her name is Ascia and she is a famous blogger in Kuwait.

  • How do you know about new beauty products and trends?

The Internet is my biggest source, and through my travels.

  • Is there a cosmetic trend you wish would end as soon as possible?

Vampire Facials: we all have heard about facials using gels, clay, etc. but using your own blood for facial is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard about.

  • What’s a cosmetic trend you think will remain popular for a long time?

Red lipstick.  There is nothing more powerful than a lady wearing red lipstick!

  • What do you use to highlight your eyebrows?

I use Anastasia Brow Pro Palette and MAC ProLongwear Paint Pot in Quite Natural.

  • Which is your favorite foundation?

ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear in Sand.

  • What would we find in your daily makeup bag?

YSL Touché Éclat Radiant Touch No, 2, Guerlain Cilsd’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara, Eyelash Curler from MAC,  Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Primer, MAC : PREP + PRIME, MAC FIX+


Which are the best makeup brushes that you use?

  • MAC 187 Duo Fiber Face Brush, MAC 163 Flat Contour Brush, MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, MAC 195 Concealer Brush, MAC 217 Blending Brush, PRO Bent Liner Eyeliner Precision Brush from Sephora.

  • Which brand has the best eye shadows in your opinion?

Urban Decay, their Naked3 Eye Shadow Palette is the best.

  • Which is the best lipstick?

MAC Diva, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Kinda Sexy.

  • Which is the best concealer?

MAC Studio Finish Concealer. I use the shade NC20.

  • Three principles you recommend for fabulous makeup:
    • Find a good skin care product and always hydrate your skin.
    • Find the right shade of foundation.
    • Use a Beauty Blender (it will change your life)
  • Which is the best beauty shop in Kuwait for the latest and best products?


  • A dream you would like to achieve?

I would really love to have a Pro Makeup Academy in Kuwait.

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