What’s New with Laila Abdulla?

What’s New with Laila Abdulla?

Laila is a young star who shone in the Arab world and the Gulf in particular, through Kuwaiti operas and Ramadan dramas, in addition to other television series. She is characterized by seriousness and spontaneity in her work; she was able to make a name in the ranks of the most important artists in the Gulf. She has worked with the most important artists in the Gulf since her childhood: her beginning was a girl named Laila Abdullah.

Tell us about your upcoming work, especially in Ramadan.

In Ramadan, I’m starring in a play “Hammam Romani”, which I think will be a qualitative leap for theater in Kuwait. I’m also starring in the TV series “Baed El Nehaya”, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is a science fiction series consisting of three seasons; each season having 12 episodes. The idea impressed me so much that I was unable to reject the project despite its strangeness in the Gulf artistic scene.

Tell us about your role in “Baed El Nehaya”.

I play the role of a girl named “Fajer” who works as a reporter and investigator. My character is determined and brave; she is willing to sacrifice her time and effort to get the information and find solutions to the problems presented by the series.

Have you found it difficult to act the role of a reporter?

An actor always finds it difficult to represent any new role and this has never been presented before on the Arab screen. I did not have any reference for this role to learn from, so I found myself only concerned in drawing out the character from scratch and submitted it to the people for the first time as I saw it. I believe that actors must always challenge themselves on a convincing performance that reaches the audience in the right way.

Did you hesitate before taking the decision of entering this new experience?

Quite the contrary; the whole world is committed to this kind of soap operas and the way of filming and showing is different and harmonious with the idea of the series and the nature of seasonal operas. I am really proud of being one of the first artists who started this change in the world of drama in the Gulf.

Are you an ambassador for “Telly” application?

Yes actually, I am ambassador for the “Telly” application which shows films, serials, and short films via the Internet. The goal of this application is the delivery of art in the right way through the selection of upscale collection of artistic works in the Arab world and putting them on a large base available to the viewer.

Where will “Baed El Nehaya” be aired?

The first show will be available exclusively on “Telly” and now we are in negotiations with several channels to air it after it concludes on the application.

Who are the artists participating in “Baed El Nehaya”?

A group of important actors are participating in the series like: Jassim Nabhan, Abdul-Imam Abdullah, Zahra Al Kharji, Hussein Mansour, Latifa Mejren, Abdullah Turkmani, Ghadeer Sabti, Dana Mesaieed, Ahmed Alsdani , Aqeel Al-Raisi,  and Abdul Rahman Hussein.

Are seasons in TV series better for the artist and the viewer?

Sure, it gives enough space to implement stories and novels to come out as required with attention to all the details mentioned in the script. This technique also allows the actor to focus on creating the character and investing in its development. In a seasonal series there is no need to drag out the store. Each season will include a new story different from the previous, but still an extension of the main story and in the end the viewer is the first winner.

Tell us about your agreement with Al Ostoura.

This collaboration is one of the beautiful coincidences that have occurred in “Baed El Nehaya”. The collaboration with Al Ostoura came about because they are the best at celebrating the femininity of the modern Gulf woman.

Why was Al Ostoura chosen from among other companies to work with?

A casual observer of fashion in Kuwait and the Gulf region knows that Al Ostoura represents sophistication in the latest trends and designs launched by international designers. Its fashion comes directly from international fashion shows. It is an integrated company offering clothing, accessories, bags and shoes.

Are there plans for any future cooperation with Al Ostoura?

Certainly, every artist wishes to be backed by a mighty company such as Al Ostoura. Look and styling are an integral part of our characters and I appreciate this cooperation very much, as it means a lot to me and my career.

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