AL OSTOURA Opens Ermanno Scervino Boutique at Thuraya Mall – March 2016

AL OSTOURA opened the new Ermanno Scervino boutique at the prestigious Thuraya Mall. The store extends over 100 square meters, displaying the full product range of the Ermanno Scervino brand – focusing on women’s apparel, leather goods, accessories, and shoes.

The boutique concept recalls the maison’s style: black smoked glasses, mirrored surfaces, and shelves supported by black steel cruciform structures.

Speaking about the latest store launch, Creative Director of AL OSTOURA Mr. Ramzi Tabiat said, “The Ermanno Scervino brand, in a very short period, has become an important brand of our portfolio due to its authentic style which preserves the true “Made in Italy” craftsmanship. This latest opening shows our dedication to bringing the highest quality and design to our ever so demanding and knowledgeable clientele.”

CEO Toni Scervino stated, “We are pleased to partner with AL OSTOURA, which is a benchmark in the luxury fashion industry. Kuwait City is a fundamental step for our retail development. The Gulf countries represent one of the most relevant markets for the maison as they are looking for authentic Made in Italy quality in terms of materials, workmanship, and style, which we have always maintained.”Launched in 2000, the label’s ‘Made in Florence’ concept is an important part of its identity and rooting. Hand-drawn designs, mannequin fittings and execution of designs are all controlled by the designer himself in his Florence workshops. The new Spring/Summer 2016 collection is now available in store.


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