A Talk with Hamad AlSaab!

Describe yourself.

I love all beautiful things and encourage both creativity and innovation. I’m employed with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation in the Public Relations and Media department. I hold a certificate in computer information systems and analysis of international organizations from the American University in Washington. I’m also a visual artist and furniture and décor designer.

Your passion in life:

Art is my passion in life. The canvas takes me to another world;like a writer and his pen, or a musician and his instrument.

What inspires you as an artist?

My art reflects personal experiencesor those of people close to me. My art reflects my inherent Arab character of which I am proud. I try to color the most difficult subjects, because the colors of sadness are not necessarily dark and gloomy.

Do you think that the spirit of an artist sometimes materializes in his work?

The spirit of an artistmaterializes in all of his paintings. Otherwise he willbe a hypocrite and his work wouldnot be real.

Which book influenced you and changed your life?

Unfortunately, nowadays I rarely read because of my work and technology that has distanced me from books. But the last book I read was “The Smell of Tango” by Dalaa Al Mufti.I’m a fan of her books.

Who is your idol in life?

Jalal al-Din Rumi, for his wisdom.

What was the turning point in your life?

Every person has more than one turning point in his life. Of course I have a story for each point and more importantly, I have learned from each story a lesson that formed my personality. I’m not perfect but I am satisfied with who I am and seek progress and development.

What do you consider your best accomplishment?

My participation in Contemporary Art Istanbul, which is a major international event; as well as using my artfor charitable works, whether donating a percentage of the proceeds to children in need, or to animal welfare programs.

What’s the most beautiful work you’ve done in the past two weeks?

A painting for my upcoming exhibition titled “I Forgot How Much I Missed You”.

How can a man “find” himself?

When a man understands himself, acceptsit and loves himself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?

What do you think about art in general in Kuwait?

Kuwait has manycreativeartists.They are constantly increasing and I wish them all the best.

In your opinion, does Kuwait foster or repel arts?

Kuwait has never expelled any direction and history proves that man himself is an extruder. Unfortunately, the problem is not in the country but in the artists themselves who need to accept the principle of collective work and support each other; rather than working individually.

Who do you like among contemporary Kuwaiti artists?

I admire many Kuwaiti artists.I respect their work and wish them further progress, but it’s human nature to prefer my friends like Shurooq Amin, Khaled al-Shatti, Mohammad Sami, Amira Behbehani.

There is an obvious artistic boom in Kuwait. Do you think that this is the time to restore the artistic glories of Kuwait?

Yes, there is a boom, but most importantly there is awareness. This will restore the artistic glories of Kuwait in the long run, because boom only means temporary.

Tell us about your exhibitions.

My topics aregeneral. It resonated with a majority of the audience, and Thank God in most of my exhibitions all or most of my paintings are sold. Usually in exhibitions I try to avoid everything that raises non-effective controversy – notout of fear – butart has a message and the artist should support his message effectively. Also my paintings are characterized by vivid and bold colors, despite the sensitivity of some of the topics. This makes the public accept them with pleasure.

Why do we find a lot of local heritage in your paintings?

I am Kuwaiti,a Gulf and Arabartist,and proud of my heritage. The local heritage in my paintings reflects the language used in everyday dialog.Even if the subject is general and new, I prefer the dialog to be Kuwaiti Arab Gulf dialect.

What inspires you in life?

Everything: a person, or a beautiful work with positive aim.

When a person can be creative?

When a person is honest with himself before he tries to make his audience believe him. Thus his work originates from the heart and you can feel the spirit of the artist in his works, without forgetting passion and patience.

Is there a dream you haven’t achieved yet?

I am a dreamer. I have many dreamsand even the dreams that have been accomplished are still under development and I’m trying to improve them.

What is your philosophy in life?

Do whatever you want, but do not do wrong to others. Argue but do not curse. Get angry, but do not hurt anyone.Grace is fromGod, sodon’t you be arrogant.

Who is the woman for you?

The woman is basis of all direction in life; she is the mother,educator and the worker. Educated women are grace and a bright future, while ignorant women are a disaster and catastrophe for the world.

How do you see fashion?

Fashion is beautiful if a person knows what suits him.

How do you describe your style?

I love fashion and clothes since childhood. My dressing room is bigger than my bedroom, but I try to stick to what suits my personality, my lifestyle, and my body.

Your dream car.

It’s not designed yet.

A watch you are proud of.

I do not like to collect watches but my everyday watch is Cartier Santos.

A place you love


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