Latifah Al Duaij…it’s all about the lashes!

How do you define beauty?

Usually I define beauty as the best version of us – not only from the outside but also in spirit, ethics, confidence, and self-love. I also think that beauty stems from health. When we take care of ourselves very well that eventually reflects on our skin.

When did you start experimenting with makeup?

At the age of five. I used to play with my mother’s and aunt’s makeup. All signs indicated that I would work in this field in the future.

Who was your childhood beauty icon?

The Egyptian actress Sherihan, I was impressed by her clothes, makeup, and characters.

Who is your contemporary beauty icon?

After the social media boom, a lot of beautiful women in the world have become known. I cannot choose only one of them.

Is there a local girl that you think embodies the kind of beauty you like?

For sure Hanan Alnajadah. She is one of the most skilled local experts.

How do you know about new beauty products and trends?

Usually I follow the makeup and beauty accounts on social media. I also watch a lot of educational videos on YouTube.

Is there a cosmetic trend you wish would end as soon as possible?

Highlighting the nose in an exaggerated way, making it look greasy!

What’s a cosmetic trend you think will remain popular for a long time?

Contouring. I think it works very well to show the beauty of the face.

What do you use to highlight your eyebrows?

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics like the Pomade Gel in Brown and fix the color with Clear Brow Gel.

Which is your favorite foundation in the market?

  • Armani Luminous Silk gives a matte velvety finish that lasts for more than 10 hours.
  • Make Up For Ever Ultra HD sticks for full coverage and a very natural look. It’s suitable for photography, because it does not contain SPF.

What would we find in your daily makeup bag?

Eyebrow kit, bronzer, blusher, faux eyelashes, and its glue.


Which are the best makeup brushes that you use?

I use many brushes constantly, but the best is Real Techniques for the face and MAC cosmetics for eyes, especially 217 for blending. I think that every girl should have this brush.

Which brand has the best eye shadows in your opinion?

I love natural colors, because it’s suitable for all skin colors. But I usually use the Eye Contour palette from Kat Von D cosmetics.

Which is the best lipstick?

I prefer matte colors because they last longer. I use MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Faux, and MAC Diva lipstick.

Do you follow for your daily makeup?

Not necessarily, I look for what suits me alone and highlights my beauty, regardless of peer pressure.

Three principles you recommend for fabulous makeup:

  • Exfoliating and cleansing the skin regularly.
  • Using a suitable foundation color for the skin.
  • Finishing the look with long and thick faux eyelashes.

Best beauty shop in Kuwait where you find latest and best products?

Sephora gets first place. I usually find all I need there. I am also keen on visiting Al Rawda beauty center.

Since we live in a very hot region, which foundation would you recommend for daily use?

Lycogel because it is medical and gives excellent coverage. It also helps the skin to breathe and has 30 SPF.

A dream you would like to achieve?

I dream of finding myself one day backstage at the world’s best fashion shows; applying makeup on models.

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