Fatima Al Matar: The Travel Addict

Is our passion born with us, or do we discover it in our lives – is a question we all ask ourselves.  Fatima Al Matar’s passion is travelling. She calls herself the traveler and does not hesitate to visit poor villages, regions, and countries. Travel for her is not just for fun, but also an opportunity to learn about the lives of others who share our planet.

  • I am

A very simple woman from Kuwait, eager to learn everything about this world. I was born, raised, and educated in Kuwait and then completed my studies in Spain; where I fell in love with travel and exploration. I started my blog about traveling and I’ve recently launched my website.

  • My first passion in life:

Life itself is my passion; to live it all my way.

  • In my spare time:

I like to spend my spare time at the gym, or walking outdoors when the weather is nice.

  • An adventure I would like to experience:

To sail around the world in six months.

  • I find myself in:


  • I describe my style as:

Simple. I believe in this saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

  • Travel for me is:

My personality, life, happiness, culture, development, and my knowledge.

  • The sky represents:

Serenity in its most wonderful forms; it helps me to filter my mind and my thoughts.

  • I choose traveling because:

Simply it’s a compass that shows us everything we do not know, teaches us and brings us closer to new people and cultures. Whenever I wanted to learn more, I traveled more and it became a fulfilling addiction. Another advantage of travel is the wonderful feeling of returning home. Traveling is a blessing that has countless benefits.

  • I summarize my life by:

Saying I am blessed.

  • I lost myself:

In a very poor village in the high mountains of Medellín. Despite the extreme poverty of the village, the smiles of its residents made me change my view of life. I was lost there so I could find life in a new way.

  • A place I love:

All the places that I have visited are beautiful, but it if I want to retire one day and spend the rest of my life somewhere, it will be in Mexico.

  • The kindest people in the world are:

Cubans! Their friendship and love towards strangers cannot be described. During my time in Cuba, I lived with families and liked their kindness.

  • My favorite trait:

My positive energy.

  • What distinguishes my personality:

My positivity and my determination. I do not allow other people’s opinion to change my opinion.

  • My favorite designer:

I like many designers but Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney are my favorites.

  • The best part of fashion is that:

It gives us the ability to discover new aspects of different designs.

  • My pleasure in life is:


  • Kuwait for me is …


  • I feel like a child when:

When I sit on a swing in the gardens.

  • I find my energy in:

Positive people.

  • The Kuwaiti woman in my opinion is

Solid and confident.

  • My art is:

I would like to introduce people to a different concept of traveling: to know the locals, experience the local cuisine, and have a new adventure.

  • Success will be achieved when:

I do not need to introduce myself to others, and when I see the world.

  • I overcome my sorrows:

By talking to my best friends.

  • A principle I apply in life:

Live and let live.

  • I discovered my courage when:

When I jumped off a 20 meter cliff; I understood that fear is only in my head.

  • The most important person in my life:

My mother – she always supports and encourages me.

  • My most important accomplishments:

Transforming my dreams into real achievements that I see and feel in real life.

  • I hate:


  • I declare I am:

Addicted to traveling.

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