Natalie Basma… a Woman to Know!

Natalie Basma was and still is one of the finest health success stories in the Arab world – having gone from 150 kilos to 70 kilos! She was able to lose weight the hard way. She began to share her experience with others through social media, where she gained followers who listen to her advice that change their lives for the better.

  • I am

Natalie Basma. I am a nutrition expert and life trainer. One of my most important qualities is spontaneity.

  • My first passion in life:

Traveling and learning about other cultures and communities, tasting different foods, and exploring new cities and villages.

  • In my spare time:

I spend too much at the club or at home with my family and my friends. I travel to spend my time there shopping, reading, and cooking. But unfortunately, I rarely have free time.

  • I find myself in:

Looking for a better Natalie. I find myself in the work that I can do, no matter what it is. I find myself in leaving a positive impact on people and change their lives for the better.

  • I describe myself as:

Simple but elegant. Less is more!

  • I summarize my life by:

I cannot summarize my life; there are a lot of things that occur in every moment of my life.

  • I lost myself:

While reading in the Central Pacific, I lost perception of time… I really lost myself.

  • Adventure I would like to experience:

Walking and hiking in the mountains of Machu Picchu in Peru.

  • My idol in life:

I do not have a specific idol. I am inspired by many characters, but I never wanted to be a copy of any particular person.

  • Health and fitness are:

Life. They are the true wealth in life; without health we would not exist.

  • A country I love:

Nothing like the United States. Each state is quite different from the other.

  • My favorite look:

Cropped jeans and a tight top, or a long dress.

  • What distinguishes me from others:

I do not imitate anyone. I’m not a copy of anyone and I’m always myself: spontaneous and real.

  • Joys of life:

Spending time with my family. I was away for nearly twelve years, which made me appreciate their presence around me and the time I spend in their company.

  • I feel like a child when:

I visit Disneyland!

  • Fame is:

It’s a humbling experience, but also a great responsibility – when a large number of people know me and listen to what I am saying.

  • I am in love with:

Life. I take advantage of every minute of it.

  • Success will be achieved when:

I think I have achieved success; there is no specific time to achieve success! As long as I continue I continue to work, I will continue to be successful.

  • I overcome my sorrows:

With chocolate.

  • A principle I apply in life:

Be good to others. Do good to others.

  • I discovered my courage when:

I had to lose 70 kg to have a healthy and beautiful life.

  • The secret that I discovered about myself:

I could always get what I want, because I put it in my head and worked hard to get it.

  • The most important person in my life:

My parents – they have helped me at every step and encouraged me in my career and life choices.

  • My most important accomplishments:

Having a positive impact on the obese by convincing them that a healthy life begins only by completely changing your way of life for the better.

  • I hate:

Nothing and no one. I really do not trouble myself in adopting negative thoughts at all. Hatred takes up a lot of energy and I prefer to invest this energy in the right direction.

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