Special Effects Makeup Artist Aram AL Razouqi

  • How do you define beauty?

It is the beauty of the soul and having good taste.

  • When did you start experimenting with makeup?

I’ve adored makeup since I was 18, because it is a creative art. I decided to join London College of Make-Up to study and learn the types of makeup professionally. I have a globally certified makeup diploma with different qualifications; including day and night makeup, European bridal makeup, concertina makeup, television makeup, highlighting, and contouring, in addition to fashion show makeup and airbrush makeup. I also have a certificate from celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes.

  • What are the trendiest makeup styles this summer?

I really do not follow trends as I don’t think it suits everyone. Recently I’ve liked a look with makeup shaped as a mask on the eye. I saw it in a fashion show and it was really bizarre and sexy. As for day makeup it should be based on age, the shape of the face, and skin color.

  • Who was your childhood beauty icon?

Every woman has her own aesthetic measures.

  • Is there a local girl that you think embodies the kind of beauty you like?

My mother and sister: the two have magnificent faces.

  • What are the main principles of beauty?

Skin care before makeup, because your skin is the base and the healthier it is, the better the makeup looks.

  • Three most important tips you give to a young Kuwaiti starting in the world of makeup.
  1. Do not use exaggerated makeup looks and differentiate between night and day makeup.
  2. Light makeup befits Mohajabat more and gives them a special splendor.
  3. Makeup should highlight, not hide features.
  • Tell us about your passion for special effects makeup.

I’ve loved special effects makeup since I was little. I used to watch horror films just to study the makeup and techniques they used. I am also fond of fashion show makeup, because it does not follow the usual laws of beauty. I have an active imagination and I don’t like limits in my work.

  • Which products do you use in your daily routine?

I do not wear makeup every day, but I care about moisturizing my skin and the products that I use everyday are:

  • Obagi Exfoliating Cleanser Anti-Aging Formula
  • Obagi C-Cleansing Gel
  • Obagi Healthy Skin Sunscreen SPF 35
  • Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50
  • Obagi Professional C Serum 20%
  • Obagi C-Therapy Night Cream
  • Replenix Eye Repair Cream
  • Erageless Eye Gel
  • Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Facial Cream


  • Name a product you’ve started using recently.

Organique Ultra-Hydrating Face Cream

Organique Multi-Action Eye Cream

  • Do you think there is a specific foundation that fits the climate of Kuwait?

I do not think that there is a specific product that fits the climate of Kuwait, but creams with light coverage help skin to breathe better in this harsh weather. But in case of brown spots, they can be hidden by a concealer. It’s very important for people in Kuwait to use sunscreen.

  • Which is the best lipstick?

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Matte 109.

  • Which is your favorite eye shadow?

Eve Pearl, Too Faced, and Urban Decay Naked.


  • Which features do you like to highlight through makeup?

Most beauty experts would answer the eye, but I focus first on covering the skin imperfections and highlight the face to make it look clean and supple.

  • What are the most common mistakes that you notice in Kuwaiti girls’ makeup?
  1. Using false eyelashes daily.
  2. Drawing eyebrows in an abnormal way.
  3. Wearing foundation that does not match skin color.
  • What is special about your look?

I love simplicity and softness in daily makeup. I’m known for fresh and soft makeup.

  • What is the base of healthy makeup?

Cleaning and a daily skin care routine before makeup.

  • Name a cosmetic invention you like to use?

Airbrush makeup technology.

  • How can one choose the appropriate shade of foundation?

You should choose the foundation according to the skin undertone, which can be determined from the color of the veins on the wrist:

  1. Cool color if the veins are violet or blue.
  2. Neutral color if the veins are green and blue.
  3. Warm color if the veins are green or olive.

The second principle is to choose the foundation according to skin type by testing color on the jaw line so that it is appropriate for the color of the neck or the color of the body.

  • If you were selected by an international makeup company to develop a new product, what would it be?

Travel makeup that includes foundation cream, concealer, contour, different highlights, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick all in one box. It would be customizable to the customer’s taste and skin tone.

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