Prismologie Launched at Al Ostoura

On March 16, 2016, the stage was set for a momentous evening to celebrate the launch of Prismologie at AL OSTOURA. The prestigious Thuraya Mall in Salmiya was lit up in the six colors of the brand to celebrate the occasion. The event started with a press conference attended by members of the electronic and print media. The founders of Prismologie, Sheikha Intisar Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah and Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah were present to talk about the brand and answer related questions. President of AL OSTOURA Mr. Rami Tabiaat spoke on the occasion, highlighting the new partnership as a natural extension of AL OSTOURA’s vision to fit the exclusive and unique tastes of their customers.

The evening was graced by the presence of several members of the royal family, as well as VIP customers and guests of AL OSTOURA. The décor reflected the color theme, with a massive screen displaying the Prismologie range and their relation to the colors. Each of the colors was represented by a color station, where Prismologie brand experts explained the products to guests. To give attendees the complete experience, three therapists demonstrated the products in curtained booths to provide privacy. All the experts and therapists were flown in from London exclusively for the event. Soft piano music soothed guests while they were served food and drinks from Le Nôtre to match the color theme. The popularity of Prismologie products was evident from the Point-of-Sale stands where guests could make purchases, right in time for Mother’s Day. The event ended on a high note with each guest taking home carefully chosen giveaways from the Prismologie range.

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