The Work of Issey Miyake at The National Art Center, Tokyo

Delve into the mind of a genius at an exposition honoring the Japanese designer.


From March 16, 2016 the National Art Center in Tokyo,Japan will host an exhibition devoted to designer Issey Miyake. IYAKE ISSEY EXHIBITION: The Work of Miyake Issey focuses on the 45-year career of the design, which started in the 1970s.


Miyake has always been known for innovation, consistently producing new methods and techniques of producing textiles, while being future-oriented. His first brush with fashion came in the ‘60s when he wrote to the World Design Conference, asking for clothing design to be included in the prestigious event. For him, clothing is more than fashion; it takes the form of a more universal level of design that is interspersed in daily life. Miyake has always explored the relationship between a piece of cloth and the body, and the space that is created as a result, unrestricted by any existing framework. He started off by showing his collection in Paris in 1973. In 2010, Miyake was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit by Japan.

Highlights of the exhibition include his ideas and concepts of clothing, which he wished to make more accessible to the public. His intention has always been to produce clothes like jeans and T-shirts that can be freely worn by many. With continuous research and development the Issey Miyake label has brought forth concepts like PLEATS PLEASE and A-POC. The display will also focus on the production techniques behind these lines. Graphic designer Taku Satoh will also display visuals aimed at helping visitors gain a deeper understanding of Miyake’s approach to clothes making.

Various events and workshops will be held alongside the main event during the exhibition period. The exhibition is open until June 13, 2016.





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