The Burger Threat

Pictures of a strange pink slime claimed as the key component of a meal! A lot of my friends think this concerns me; consequently I find a lot of tags and mentions for such news on social media accounts. Even a dear friend sent me a similar story and asked me to publish and write about it.

Yes, I carry the message of natural nutrition, and I advocate the importance of an organic garden in every home. The basis of my work is to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle for us and for the environment.

Yes, I am against processed food. Yes, I know that 80% of the food available in the cooperative associations in Kuwait and in the world was not available at the time of our ancestors. I do not think that all these processed foods have anything to do with progress; it is the worst use of science and food innovation and new industries.

Girl At Candy Counter In Supermarket

Girl At Candy Counter In Supermarket

Yes, I do not support mass production and prefer handmade over machine-made. I shop at organic markets or farmers’ markets and support local businesses. You will always find me in the supermarket’s fresh produce aisle.

Woman checking food labelling

Woman checking food labelling

With all of that, I will not review these images and news because I think it is a weak ploy. I will not use this disgusting video just to convince my child to eat natural and organic food. When a person is convinced about their chosen path, they will not be persuaded by debate or intimidation. We do not need exaggerations and deep research in studies that are only in line with our opinions, and conceal opposing ideas.

Packing of meat slices

Packing of meat slices

Yes, I will defend those burgers that I do not eat. I will say that mold needs factors like humidity and a temperature range, for example. Mint will rot on the table, under certain circumstances, or transform into dry mint for daily use under other circumstances.

Salty snacks

Salty snacks

I will defend this pink slime, because like any housewife I have a blender and shredder at home. Because of the nature of my work, I also have a power blender and I know that the mixer speed changes colors. Red, for instance, turns pink and yellow turns white! The mixing speed can also turn a drink into foam, or change something hard into paste or soft dough. And we all know that picture colors may be tricky because of the imaging method, lighting, or filters. I find factory atmospheres odd and think they are closer to labs. Most food factories and commercial kitchens are the same.

The idea that I want to clarify is that you should not try to deceive people to encourage proper nutrition. There is no reason for such unprofessional and sometimes unethical behavior. All you have to do is to be fully convinced in what you believe. Yes, we are advocates of natural nutrition, in fierce competition with processed foods full of colors and industrialized flavors, preservatives, and stabilizers… but this is not a justification to deceive ourselves and others.

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