Makeup Talk with Amira

  • How do you define beauty?

Beauty cannot be defined. Everyone has their own type of beauty, and personally speaking beauty is not just physical appearance but a person’s soul as well.

  • When did you start experimenting with makeup?

I started wearing makeup by the age of 13 because I loved it, not because I was insecure. The first time I realized I really loved makeup and I wanted to do this for the rest of my life I was 14. I started off doing special effects makeup and not beauty, because I loved creating things that people might find unusual. My first creation was a black skull done with simply a black eye pencil.

  • Who was your childhood beauty icon?

Honestly I didn’t have an icon as a little girl. I saw things and inspired myself. I never wanted to copy anyone, I wanted to be unique.


Who is your contemporary beauty icon?

I definitely have a beauty icon now. I truly admire Anastasia Beverly hills because of her story and how she made an empire out of nothing. Today everyone knows who she is and that to me is amazing.

  • Is there a local girl that you think embodies the kind of beauty you like?

There are so many beautiful strong women I find beautiful, but it’s rare to find someone that their physical appearance matches their inside and to me a really beautiful person has both qualities.


  • How do you know about new beauty products and trends?

I watch a lot of E! News which keeps me up to date with all the trends but as for products and learning how to use them I like to watch YouTube, because it is extremely informative.


  • Is there a cosmetic trend you wish would end as soon as possible?

I hate heavy makeup and I would love to see heavy eye makeup and heavy contouring gone. To me makeup should enhance your beauty; not put layers and layers on your face washing away natural features. Embrace your chubby cheeks, big nose, and small eyes. Be proud!


  • What’s a cosmetic trend you think will remain popular for a long time?

Classic winged liner and red lips are a timeless look that anyone can pull off!


  • What do you use to highlight your eyebrows?

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony.


  • Which is your favorite foundation in the market?

I use the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in the shade 107.


  • What would we find in your daily makeup bag?
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter in So Hollywood
  • My Inglot Gel Liner in #77
  • Carmex Lip Balm with Sunscreen
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony
  • NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer in Ginger


  • Which are the best makeup brushes that you use?

My absolute favorite brush brands are Real Techniques for the face, Morphe Brushes for the eyes, and MAC brushes for the eyes and face.


  • Which brand has the best eye shadows in your opinion?

I find that Morphe Brushes have amazing neutral palettes that have great colors for anyone. Specifically the Morphe 35N palette.

  • Which is the best lipstick?

I always buy the same three colors over and over again: purple, nudes with a pink undertone, and bright reds. I love Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks in the shades Nude and Grape Soda. From MAC I love Mehr, Heroine, and Russian Red.

  • Which is the best concealer in your opinion?

I haven’t yet found the perfect concealer but NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is by far the best for girls with dark circles.

  • Three principles you recommend for fabulous makeup:

1) NEVER cake too much makeup on.

2) Make sure to moisturize your face and keep your skin clean and healthy because that is the base for your makeup.

3) Find the right shades for your complexion by matching foundation to your neck, not your hands.


  • Best beauty shop in Kuwait where you find latest and best products?

It’s difficult to find a good collection of makeup in Kuwait but out of all of them I enjoy Sephora and Harvey Nichols’ collections.


  • A new product you want everyone to know about?

By far the BEST eyeshadows I have ever used are from Lorac. I think everyone should own the Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette.


  • A dream of yours you want to achieve?

My dream is to be a globally known makeup artist and have my own cruelty-free and skin-friendly makeup line.

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