Abdul Aziz Al-Shaijy… A Picture is Worth a Thousand Smiles!

Describe yourself.

I am Abdul Aziz Al-Shaijy. I have a bachelor’s degree in interior design and teach decor in middle school. My aspiration is to reach the world through unusual photography.

What is your greatest passion in life?

My greatest passion in life is photography, design, and reworking pictures using cameras and editing software. I like to have my own touch and unique artistic style, and this what made my work famous.

What approach do you use in photography?

I merge more than one picture to eventually get a new picture by using certain techniques and new ideas that fit and mimic the scenes by offering ideas and topics of interest to the Kuwaiti society in particular.

Why do you focus on humor in your pictures?

Laughter is a big part of my personality; that’s why you see it in all my work. Humor style generally stimulates viewers and attracts them to my work and who among us does not like to laugh?

Quote: Laughter is a big part of my personality; that’s why you see it in all my work.

What are the three most important principles of success in life?

Modesty, self-confidence, and patience. Through these principles I learned that the real failure is to stop trying.


Who is your idol in life?

My mother is my idol; she is the inspiration, love, and motivation that makes me want to be the best in everything.

What hinders the success of Kuwaiti men?

Kuwaitis are brave and creative, but their dreams are usually hit by a big wall of difficulties.

Tell us about the most beautiful moment in your life.

I’ve had many beautiful moments, but the most beautiful was when I tasted success in my field.

Who is an elegant man in your view?

An elegant man is the man who can express himself through his clothes, which he can harmonize in a comfortable and free style.

Name a dream you want to accomplish.

I dream and aspire to reach the world through my work.

How do you see women?

Women are everything. They are a major part of society, not just half!

Are you currently reading a book?

I love to read books about photography in general, and I prefer to look at pictures more than reading.

Has any event changed the course of your life?

The boom in social media has helped me spread a lot of my work and build up a good fan base, as well as a network of social relations with the people who gave me the motivation and encouragement to continue in my field.


Who is your favorite designer?

Giorgio Armani.

Which is your favorite brand?


Which is your favorite sports brand?


Your dream watch:

Audemars Piguet

Your dream car:


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