Fahad Al Qaoud: I Found Myself Through Writing

Who is Fahad Al Qaoud?

Fahad Al Qaoud is a writer. I have published two books: “Two Points Above Each Other” is a collection of literary texts; while “Three Flowers in my Mouth” is a collection of short stories. I graduated from the University of Kuwait and now work at one of the state bodies. But the answer that I find closest to myself is that Fahad Al Qaoud is a part of this vast universe, rebelling against himself and his convictions to find himself again. I choose what pleases my mind and heart, and when I found myself, I wanted to express it correctly, so I found in my hands a pen and paper.

What is your greatest passion in life?

Music has always been my biggest passion. I’ve always felt that music spoke to me like an old friend.

You are a writer and narrator, how did you start writing?

Once the newspapers were all speaking about one particular issue, but I didn’t find any article that really appealed to me, so I decided to write an article. I then looked for a publisher and Al Majales magazine liked my way of writing and printed my article. I wrote a column “Fi Al Bedaya” until the magazine shuttered. Then I wrote without being printed. My first book was published after that.

Which is your favorite book?

I like a lot of books. My inspiration comes from small things: the forgotten details of our daily lives. I can write books on these neglected gestures.

Tell us about the turning point in your life.

When I stripped off my masks: satisfaction, courtesy, all the others I used to cope with the mainstream. The price I paid was denying myself, my desires, and my opinions.

What is your greatest achievement?

My mom’s prayers, my dad’s satisfaction which I see in his eyes and his smile; my friends’ confidence in me. Whenever I see my reflection I know that I’m a spirit contained in a body.

The most beautiful thing you’ve done in the past two weeks.

I listened to a friend, fed the cat, read a good book, discovered an ancient inspirational tune, wrote a little, and made a sad man smile.

Did you try writing any literary work other than narrative?

I have made attempts at monologues. Some were published although their real place is the theater. Maybe someday when we overcome the stage of immature comedy theater.

Is literature a friend or enemy, and why?

Literature is always a friend. Even the bad ones advise you indirectly to not repeat this mistake and to appreciate other books that are worth more.

What distinguishes you from the rest of the writers?

Honestly, I cannot answer this question. Only if I read everything that is written by the other writers and compared it to my writings, which is impossible.

Does a writer have to be knowledgeable?

Mostly yes, but there are cases which don’t not require it. But at least he should have an idea about the issue he wants to tackle. There are for example plenty of books that tell a personal experience with slimming, divorce, or illness. Such books do not require too much education; only enough experience to be shared with people.

What usually drives a writer?

It varies from one writer to another. I think writing is self-expression in the first place – whether it’s poetry, a story, or a novel. It is a great challenge to express what’s on your mind on a paper that is linked to your name.

What do women mean to you?

Life’s left wing or the right, if she wishes. She is a partner not an item, the main character in many of my stories.

What is the pen for you?

My conscience in the sensory world.

How would you describe your taste in clothes?

I hate affectation and love accessories. I prefer elegant and comfortable clothes that are stylish and casual most of the times.

Your dream car.

I never dreamt of a car even as a teenager. I always dreamt of wings!

A place that inspires you.

Kuwait and Amsterdam.

Your favorite city


Tell us about your new works.

I am now working on my second set of short stories. I haven’t titled it yet. I hope that readers like it as much as they liked “Three Flowers in my Mouth”.

Define the following words:

  • Writing: a new creation.
  • Book: a different kind of mirror.
  • Friendship: homeland by choice.
  • Work: detector of principles and a test of values.
  • Letters: shadows of ideas.
  • Dream: peace for the soul, creatures, and humans.
  • Love: has no definition.
  • Pain: a hole in the wall; with light sneaking through it.
  • The beginning: a step towards the end.
  • The end: a warm hug and goodbye.

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