Power Couple: Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

The runway queen and the star quarterback are the perfect fairytale couple.

As one of the top supermodels of recent years, Gisele Bündchen is instantly recognizable. The Brazilian beauty was born on July 20, 1980 to Brazilian parents of German descent. She first rose to fame in the late ‘90s after modeling professionally at age 14, and is credited with ending the “heroin chic” era of supermodels. She also perfected and popularized the “horse walk”, a signature stomping gait used by models.

Thomas Brady Jr. was born on August 3, 1977 into a large family settled in San Mateo, California. His interest in football and sports started from a very young age, and he was influenced by some of the greatest National Football League (NFL) quarterbacks in sporting history. He finds himself on that same list today, with multiple NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Super Bowl MVP awards. He has even led his team the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl victories.

Bündchen and Brady first started seeing each other in late 2006, after having been set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. They got married in an intimate ceremony in Santa Monica on February 26, 2009. Two months later, they held a second wedding ceremony in Costa Rica. The couple have two children – son Benjamin (born December 2009), and daughter Vivian (born December 2012). Brady also has a son John (born August 2007) from a previous relationship.

At 5ft 11in, Bündchen stands tall and lithe with features and a physique that plastic surgeons strive to recreate for their clients. Her big modeling break came when she sashayed down the runway at Alexander McQueen’s Spring 1998 show. She shot to worldwide fame as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and has been consistently featured on the list of the world’s highest paid models since 2004. Before she retired in 2015, Bündchen’s earnings came up to a whopping $47 million in one year. Brady complements this power equation very well. In 2013, he was ranked 11 on the world’s highest paid athletes list, and his endorsements are estimated at $7 million.

Is there anything that does not look good on Gisele Bündchen? The statuesque lady pulls off every style and trend impeccably, by adding her signature glam touch. Her makeup mantra is mostly fresh, and she only believes in using natural products without chemicals and preservatives. She is a regular practitioner of yoga and kung fu, along with Brazilian body surfing and water aerobics. Sticking mostly to raw and natural foods, Bündchen promotes meat and fresh fruit as part of a balanced diet.

Brady is a big fan of experimentation and loves to try new fashion and hair trends. He is very conscious of grooming and the importance of it in coming across as confident and presentable. He defines his style as classic but not boring, and he puts emphasis on a well-fitting and tailored suit, which is important for his impressive 6ft 4in physique.

The good-looking couple symbolizes true love at a time when celebrity unions are fast dissolving. Their successful careers and rising status make them a true power couple!

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