Make Today Sunday! By: Jumana Al Awadhi

How many of us have said, “I will start dieting next Sunday!” And when we fail we say, “I will start next week.” Thus, new beginnings end up becoming a boring routine that remind us of the flimsy promises we fail to keep, and the disappointment gets bigger. After a while we hear grumbles about the number of attempts and failures, so we become hopeless and forget our goal until we again feel the desire to change after too long in an unhealthy body. Why do these attempts fail and why don’t they become the start of a new page in our lives?

When our body is used to a certain way and style of eating for many years and we decide to make a change – whether to live healthy or to try and lose weight, or even follow the doctor orders – the scenario we expect is either success or failure.

New beginnings could be very happy and filled with optimism, psychological readiness, determination, and persistence. If this enthusiasm is accompanied with encouragement from people around you, this will be become reality and a new way of life. But if we are armed with information and skills that protect us, we can deal with any problems we may encounter. All we need is complete conviction in a new beginning, new ambitions for health, and some supportive friends and relatives.

One of the participants in my nutrition programs told me that her decision to change her food was due to her doctor’s orders, where she had to stop eating a particular food type. She says, “I thought it would be easy, until I began to see only that food type in restaurant menus. I started to make justifications to eat this kind of food in spite of its threat to my health. I used to cheat my doctor, and lie to myself and others. Then I felt remorse before doing my test, and finally decided to be honest with myself.”

Many people face these situations even if the causes are different, since the inability to overcome the beginning may severely affect one. Most people want to skip the beginning and directly achieve their goals, which is impossible.

Every new beginning is an opportunity. Do not disappoint yourself by not sticking to your new beginning and new opportunity. Start today, not Sunday.

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