Farah… Beauty is how God created you!

When did your passion for makeup start?

It began at a young age when I was exploring cosmetics and putting makeup on my face.

Who is your favorite beauty expert in the world?

Linda Hallberg and Mario.

Who was your childhood beauty icon?

My mother. I always like everything she does; not only because she is my mother, but because she takes care of the smallest details.

Who is your contemporary beauty icon?

It’s a global sport trainer named Larina. She has the perfect face.

Is there a Kuwaiti female figure of breathtaking beauty?

Amal Al-Awadi.

How do you know about new cosmetic products in the market?

I always follow what the global beauty experts do, either through television or magazines. I also try to have my own imprint through innovation.

Is there a cosmetic trend you wish would end as soon as possible?

Exaggerated contouring.

What’s a cosmetic trend you think will remain popular for a long time?

Soft false eyelashes that increase the beauty of the eye, and not those that depend on exaggeration and look unnatural.

What do you use to highlight your eyebrows?

I use a special dark brown eyebrow kohl pen. As for my favorite brand its Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics.

Which is the best foundation in your opinion?

True Match by L’Oreal Paris and Skin Base Foundation by Illamasqua are my favorites.

What would we find in your daily makeup bag?

  • Eyeliner by Stila
  • Lipstick by MAC and Inglot
  • NYX Cream Blush
  • Concealer by Kryolan
  • theBalm Highlighter


Which are the best makeup brushes that you use?

I love Sephora brushes, because they are very soft and do not hurt the skin.

Which brand has the best eye shadows in your opinion?

I love Inglot eye shadows, because they have beautiful and varied colors.

Which is the best lipstick?

MAC Stone, Mac Velvet Teddy, and Inglot No.17.

Which is the best concealer in your opinion?

The best concealer is from Kryolan, because it comes in great shades and does not turn gray when you use it for the under eye area.

Three principles you recommend for fabulous makeup:

  1. Clean your face well before you put on makeup
  2. Do not put exaggerated blush
  3. Do not wear concealer near the lower eyelids as it will make your eyes look smaller.

Which is the best makeup store in Kuwait?

Sephora and Harvey Nichols.

Is there a new product that you like?

Liquid Matte Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics.

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