Who is Jamila Jumaa?

I am Jamila

My name has an effect on what I see, so even something ugly looks beautiful.

I am calm in the middle of life’s bustle and noise. I am peaceful and do not hurt any creature, even if hurts me.

I am forgiving to the fullest extent. I don’t hold malice for anyone. I even forget my enemies and forget what made me cry.

I am Jamila, daughter of a great righteous mother who embodied true motherhood in her short life. She became a school mothers draw from, whose lessons will not be repeated.

Jamila is a loving wife to a man dedicated in helping her. Mohammed is my biggest fan and follower, the father of my children Ali and Jana.

I enjoy life with my kids and devote my energies and capabilities for their comfort and happiness. In their smile I find my comfort and from them I derive my strength.

On professional terms I am Jamila Hussein Jumaa: teacher and writer. I work very hard and try to develop literature and artistic tools at all times.

I began my career in writing

Though modest contributions, I loved them in spite of their simplicity and this passion grew up inside me. During my university studies I participated in a short story contest and I won for a story named “Letter of an addict.”

Two years after graduating from college I published my first book, which is an encyclopedia +18 part I: serial killers. It is a documentary book with real issues and images, I am the first woman in the world to write professional encyclopedia of Crime in the Arab world and the first who entered this violent field. I am preparing for other parts now. A year later my second novel “The past I am ashamed of” was published; the first edition sold out in record time and topped the list of best-selling books for a long time. I then began working to write radio serials for Kuwait radio.

I also published a bold social novel entitled “Tampered woman” which has achieved unrivaled success has been described by the great writer Taleb Rifai as “a dirty subject written by a clean pen”. It also won the admiration of Hamad Al Hamad who wrote an article announcing the birth of a successful Kuwaiti novelist. He even wrote about my novels in his book. My radio serials continued, achieving success in competitions in the Arab Gulf. This was my introduction in the artistic field.

I presented my first play “The World of Oz” which won awards, then “Kan ya Makan” play. I used international literature for both in Kuwait’s child theater to serve contemporary issues such as loyalty to homeland, loyalty to the group, and sacrifice with actors Haya Abdulsalam, Fouad Ali, and Mohammed Al-Alawi. Then I wrote “Al mar’a Wal Qutta”, a social heritage series inspired by Kuwaiti writer Laila al-Othman’s novel with Huda Hussein. This was my real start in writing scenarios for Ramadan 2016. Then I joined “Open Sesame” program and also wrote “Sawalf Harim” series.

My first passion in life

Family and human relations with friends and acquaintances comes first. Then comes the library, which includes reading and writing. I also love music and art of any kind.

Experience that I want to continue

Academically I wish to continue my PhD studies in writing, media and education, for example educational media or creative writing for children. Artistically I wish to enter more in media, especially radio and presenting programs.

I find myself in

My literary releases and my artistic work. Writing is my gate to the fantasy world that I adore.

In my spare time I am

A reader. I visit public and commercial libraries to view books in all fields, I do not exaggerate when I say that I have visited more than 95 per cent of the public libraries of the State of Kuwait.

I describe my style as

Contemporary style with eastern feelings and western mind and because of this discrepancy I do not find myself in a particular style.

I lost my self

I lost myself three times. First when the remains of my father arrived wrapped in the Kuwaiti flag; so I lost 14 years of my life waiting for him. The second time when my mother got sick and I couldn’t bear her pain. The third time when I got married, I struggled to find myself again and to rearrange my life with my new duties as a wife and a mother.

Adventure I would like

Freebase jumping and to travel around the world.

My idol in life

My mother and on the literary level my idol is William Shakespeare.

A country I love

France with all its suburbs and details.

My look is characterized by

Combining two contradictions: simplicity and boldness with a smile in all circumstances.

My personality is characterized by

Spontaneity. I do not bear hypocrisy. At work I am a leading figure as I do not say no to any mission. At home I am a pleasant personality with delicate feelings; I am a child with my kids.

My joy in life

My family, my brothers, and my children.

I am in love with

Chocolate, coffee, and travel.

Success will be achieved when

I can impact a change of any kind, even in beliefs, ideas and trends.

A principle I apply in life

All what you offer in your right hand you will take back with your left hand, so you reap what you sow.

I feel that I am a child when

I smell my mother. She plays with my hair and sings to me. I also get this feeling with children.

I overcome my sorrows through

Complete silence which could last for weeks and usually ends with transferring all these feelings into words.

I discovered my courage when

I was orphaned as a seven year-old. I relied on myself and others relied on me too. I also discovered my courage when I lost a lot of valued people. I thought that life would stop after their death, but here I am.

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