Palau – the Pacific Paradise

This hidden Micronesian gem is heaven on earth.

Located in Oceania, the Micronesian archipelago constituting Palau is somewhat off the beaten track. It is a virtual paradise for nature lovers and divers. About 200 limestone and volcanic islands make up the land mass of rock islands. It is a very popular diving spot, with world-class dive sites for both beginners and expert divers.  With such a diverse and vibrant marine life, snorkeling and kayaking are other top activities in Palau.

The Blue Corner is the most recommended and well-known dive site, with a constant presence of sharks and high currents adding to the thrill. Another must-try experience is a snorkeling trip to the Jellyfish Lake. Unlike other jellyfish, the inhabitants of this lake have evolved to lose their stingers, making for an out-of-this-world experience. History buffs can tour the sites of World War II battles, which make for an interesting departure from the islands’ idyllic imagery.

When it comes to luxury accommodation, the Palau Pacific Resort wins over the competition. Positioned as the ultimate tropical getaway, the resort features 160 rooms nestled within 64 acres of lush gardens. The five luxurious over-water bungalows in the resort are the first of their kind in the region. The resort also has its own private beach, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing retreat. Water sports enthusiasts can also visit the five-star PADI dive center Splash, located onsite. The island theme continues into the resort’s décor and cuisine, too. Guests have the option of dining al fresco with a marvelous ocean view, or a romantic meal for two, or even a beach BBQ; all with fresh seafood and produce prepared in traditional Palauan and international styles. In fact, the hotel’s Meduu Ribtal restaurant is considered the best in Palau.

For a taste of local Palauan life, head to Koror. As the largest city in Palau, it is the place to shop, eat, and experience a new culture. Traditional carved Palauan storyboards are on every tourist’s shopping list. Rock Island Café, Elilai, Penthouse, and Taj are some of the local eateries that come highly recommended by seasoned travelers. Koror also has an active nightlife scene, and clubs like SLC and Peleliu Club offer visitors a chance to chill out and rejuvenate at the end of a tiring day.

Palau’s pristine environment makes it an attractive destination for nature lovers and sports lovers alike. The government is taking special steps to protect the waters and make them a marine sanctuary, so that generations to come can enjoy the unspoiled and verdant beauty of Palau. The island’s scenery is after all, magical and unparalleled.


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