Hind Al Blooshi…. The One!

Did you know from an early age that you would be an artist?

It never occurred to me at all that one day I would be in this field. I did not think of fame at all, but I don’t deny being an art enthusiast. I realized that I was talented in acting, singing writing poetry, stories, and novels since I was a teenager. I used to stage full plays during our family visits, with my cousins and aunts. I assigned characters, sang, and recorded songs on cassettes. All I am today grew organically from playing and having fun.

When was your first screen appearance?

In 2003 during “Zinat Al-Hayat” series, with Jamal Radhan who has the great merit after God in entering this field. He was the first person who trusted my talent and gave me the opportunity to go in front of the camera with great actors Jassim Nabhan and Mohammed Al- Ajmi.

Jamal Radhan discovered me in the rehearsals of “Shabab Cool”play. My elder sister Mai was one of the crew and I took her place for a few moments because she was busy with a phone call. That was when Mr. Radhan noticed my ability to memorize conservations and expressions; so he insisted on discovering me. My appearance in “Al Laqita” was my real start.

“Al Fariya” was your great start. Did it actually add a new dimension to your journey?

Of course, without a doubt I said it once and I will keep on saying. I am who I am today because of “Al Fariya”.

What role psychologically exhausted you while performing it?

The role of “Fotouh” in “Omona Rwayhet Al Janna” series exhausted me while performing, because of the amount of resentment and hatred she carried in her heart. Revenge exhausted me psychologically. I hated “Fotouh” and I sympathized with her which made me confused. It also took a longer time to get rid of her after the end of the series. “Fotouh” will not be repeated. I called it “a bridge of communication” which confirmed my existence in the field and will make me complete my journey peacefully.

What is the secret of your success?

Trust in God and my faith that everything is for the best. I take my craft seriously. I love what I do, I don’t see others, and concentrate on myself. Thanking God a lot because success is not something difficult but continuing in it is difficult.

Do you like acting with your sister Maram? Why?

Yes of course very much, because my presence beside her brings me back the most beautiful days of my life: my childhood and my memories. I always feel that we are dreaming and saying to each other, “Did you expect to reach where we are now?” Maram and I make a successful duo. We understand each other a lot and draw strength from each other. There is a beautiful chemistry between us, whether on stage or on television; and I wish to repeat the experience soon.

You were away from the field a little bit? What were the reasons?

I took a break from acting when I had my first baby. I wanted to be a mother, just a mother. My children Abeer and Jassem and my husband Mishari are most precious for me in this world.

Is there a role would you like to perform that has not been offered to you yet?

Yes, in fact that there are a lot of characters that have not been offered to me yet, especially those that rely on expression and not dialogue. I love complex roles that rely on different psychological, mental, and physical situations.

Why do we find you shining with actress Hayat Al Fahad?

Hayat Al Fahad is my fairy godmother. There is a strange chemistry between us; she understands me and knows where to invest my abilities and she put me in the right place.

Is there anyone who fights you in the field?

I do not think that there is someone who fights me because I trust God very much. That’s why I do not worry about who fights me. Everything I need is to work, succeed, thank God, and continue my journey without fear.

You have two sisters and a relative Haya Al Shuaibi in the artistic field. Is there competition between you?

Usually we encourage each other with our wishes to success for all.

Will you write a series one day?

Yes, in fact I love writing since childhood and now I am finishing my collection of short stories that will be released soon.

You are a teacher and actress. What is the reaction of your students?

In fact I passed this stage. I’ve been practicing the profession for seven years now, and I think my students are accustomed to me being an actress and teacher at the same time.

Your role in “Omona Rwayhet Al Janna” was a surprise. Did you expect the reactions?

Yes, since I was reading the script and was sure that the role will be a surprise as well as the whole series.

Did you like cooperating with Heba Mishari Hamada and was it the first?

Yes, it was the first and I loved it very much. I hope it’s not the last. Heba is an excellent writer; ingenious, creative, and well educated.

Do you find yourself in evil or good roles?

I think that I can perform all kinds of characters as long as I love, understand, and see the dimensions of the character. I like diversity, to develop myself and my performance to be more convincing every time.

Is there a dream you haven’t achieved yet?

Yes, my Ph.D and I will not stop dreaming of finishing my studies.

You have a beautiful voice. Do you think about singing?

I will never be a singer. I just want to be a great actress.

What are your best memories?

When I went with my husband to complete his studies in Brighton. Actually it was a new experience for me and I have beautiful memories there.

Is there a moment you cannot forget?

My ultimate magical moment was when I saw my daughter’s eyes for the first time.

Who are your close friends in the artistic field?

Shaima Ali, Ghadeer Al Sabti, Buthaina Al Raisi, Fatma Alsafi, Heba El Dory, and Reem Al Kuwaitiya.

Your favorite city?


Where will we find you after 15 years?

If I’ve achieved my dream, I will start writing after I get my PHD. But the fact is that I have many dreams and aspirations. I do not know what I will accomplish and where I will be; but I am confident that God is with me and I’ll be in the best possible place.

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