Meshal Alsalem… His Passion for Fashion!

In the business of fashion, an elegant man is one who knows what is suitable and appropriate for him, and draws our attention. Meshal Alsalem is one of those men who have made fashion their profession simply because they loved the industry and wanted to get involved in the details.

Who is Meshal Alsalem?

I am a simple person and I love people. I also love to work with them, especially in my career. I am social but I am serious in work.

Tell us about the turning point in your life.

Entering the field of fashion changed the path of my life and my career graph.

What are the three most important goals in your life?

  • Success in professional and personal life.
  • I want to give my family more attention.
  • To continue establishing my own business.

In your opinion, what does the Kuwaiti man need to be effective and successful?

I see that the new generation of Kuwaitis does not lack anything. They are more ambitious to reach the world whether through their work or their passion, or even in the way they wear their clothes and express themselves.

What did you study?

Mechanical engineering.

Why did you choose fashion to be your profession?

Allah is beautiful and loves beauty, and I am one of the men who care about their appearance and love to be distinguished in this field. I have chosen to work in fashion, because it is my passion and the domain in which I find myself in.

What is your goal that you wish to accomplish in your profession?

My goal has no boundaries and I have many goals.

What are the main ideas and principles that you would like to spread in Kuwaiti society?

It is not important to wear from international brands, but first to choose what suits us and our budget. Secondly, fashion should be fun and not a burden. We must take from fashion what fits our lives and our personalities, and not imitate others blindly.

How would you describe fashion in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti women are chic and are able to create their own fashion and certainly it moves to neighboring countries. In general, fashion in Kuwait is distinctive and has its own impact.

What are the characteristics of a confident man?

  • To make decisions on his own.
  • Speaks out confidently.
  • Optimistic.

Is there a project you would like to start?

Styling courses.

Who do you think understands the fashion game more in Kuwait, women or men?

Fashion varies in my opinion from one sex to another. Recently women and men both have played an important role in fashion in Kuwait.

Where will we find you 10 years from now?

Playing an important role in fashion as a Khaleeji man and reaching out to the whole world.

What has success added to your life?

Love and respect and the ability to appreciate every moment in life.

If you could create your own television program, what would it be?

A program that helps people choose what suits their personality.

Who is an elegant man from your point of view?

One who cares about his looks, clothes, and health.

What is femininity for you?

Femininity is a combination of modesty and morality.

Which is your favorite place?

The United States of America.

Does traveling change us?

Certainly. Countries differ in their customs, traditions, clothes and ideology. I learned a lot of things such as the acceptance of change, differences, cultures, and self-reliance through my travels.

How would you describe your style?

Trendy and fashionable in a way that does not change my personality.

Which are your favorite brands?

I do not have any special brands. I wear what suits me and what I like.

Your favorite watch.


Who is your favorite designer?

Dolce & Gabbana.

How can a person be confident with their style?

When one is convinced by personal style, and not according to the amount of the likes received on Instagram.

Three basic pieces every man must have in his closet:

Watch, white shirt, and jeans.

How can one know what suits them?

Appropriate clothing must have standards according to body shape, skin tone, and height.

Define the following words:

Fashion: sea

Isolation: thinking.

Travel: comfort.

Avenues: fashion zone.

Friendship: respect.

Truth: bitter.

Ideology: murderer.

Existence: Proof.

Work: worship.

Creativity: art.

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