Musaed Al Muteeri: A Flower on his Jacket

If you haven’t heard of Musaed Al Muteeri yet, then you are missing knowing a brilliant, famous personality who has become famous for his distinctive look. In addition to his soft-spoken ways, you’ll surely notice the way in which Musaed clothes himself. He is a man from the prestigious Al-Jahra who came to the city to spread the culture of self-confidence and love of fashion in all its forms.

Who is Musaed Al Muteeri?

I present myself as an expert personal shopper and stylist.

Tell us about the turning point in your life.

I believe that starting work at Villa Moda as a salesman was the real turning point in my life, as it changed a lot of my concepts and ideas and gave me my real start in the fashion world.

What are the three most important goals in your life?

First: Establishing my name in the world of fashion, shopping and styling.

Second: To appear on television, radio and social media, because these things help me spread my fashion culture, which I believe in and am trying to spread in the community.

Third: My personal development through reading, courses, and studying outside of Kuwait in the future.

In your opinion, what does the Kuwaiti man need to be effective and successful?

He lacks passion and love of what he does. Some men in our society work with what they do not like, where they are chosen for a job on incorrect basis like social and financial considerations. If a person does not like what they do, they would spend most of their time evading work or grumbling. Doing what satisfies us will lead to improved productivity, creativity and happiness.

What are the main ideas and principles that you would like to spread in Kuwaiti society?

First: Self-confidence and to care about ourselves more than others. Our lives should be about what we want.

Second: The idea and the concept that a person does not need to pay a lot of money to be beautiful, tidy, and sophisticated. The secret is in making correct choices, which are based on culture, self-knowledge, and commensurate with age and dimensions of the body; as well as the place and time in which we will be in this look.

Third: Spreading the culture of smart shopping.

What are the characteristics of a successful man?

A successful man has a goal and loves his work and his surroundings. He feels secure, responsible, conscious, and respects the laws and share with others his good fortune. He is open to accepting different opinions and learning from the good and leaving out the bad.

Are you thinking of getting married? Are you in a relationship now?

Yes, and I am and doing everything on my own – social and financial development etc. Right now I live a beautiful, classy, and respectful love story.

Tell us about your ideal woman.

I love making her happy with a word or act. She is the most difficult person to deal with because she is smart and knows what she wants and at the same time she is sensitive.

Which was the last book you read?

Picasso and Starbucks by Yasser Hareb.

Where we will find you 10 years from now?

Heading my own company.

What has success added to your life?

It has certainly added a lot. When I am most successful, it means I’m evolving in many areas and this development affects my life.

If you could create your own television program, what would it be?

It would be about fashion for sure.

Who is an elegant man from your point of view?

It is a man who knows that the value of his morals is far more than the value of his clothes; a man who knows how to deal with his body dimensions respectfully by highlighting strengths and hiding flaws. He knows how to choose and select what suits him.

What is femininity for you?

Femininity is a behavior; a gentle voice and soft words, balance in walking, talking and laughing. Femininity also shows through respecting women themselves when they know that they are beautiful without the need to exaggerate.

Is there a dream you are still working to achieve?

I don’t believe in dreams. I love goals, because a dream will remain a dream but a goal needs time, strategy and plan to be accomplished.

Which is your favorite city?


Does traveling change us?

Yes, knowing different cultures and societies gives a kind of overall assessment of a person’s life and its importance, as it gives us the ability to open up and accept others.

How would you describe your style?

I do not have a specific style. I’m open to all types of clothes, haircuts, and colors which gave me the ability to please the eye and catch people’s attention. But I make sure to include my signature touches like the rose, which accompanies all my looks.

Which are your favorite brands?

Whatever suits me and meets my needs, regardless of the designer’s name or brand.

Who is your favorite designer?

Oscar de la Renta.

Are you a fan of fashion?

I do not just love fashion; rather I live it and breathe it every day.

Three basic pieces every man must have in his closet:

  1. Classic white shirt.
  2. Leather jacket.
  3. Blue jeans.

Define the following words:

Fashion: The way you express yourself without words.

Fear: A sense of danger from something we do not know.

Isolation: The final stage after losing confidence in people.

Travel: Test your senses with new things.

The Avenues Mall: My kingdom.

Friendship: An ear that hears you and a hand that helps you stand after you fall.

Truth: What we know and our five senses believe.

Intellect: The key to knowledge.

Existence: What we live every day but cannot touch.

Book: One of the three elements of knowledge: book, experience, and passion.

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