Badora: Skin Care First!

What is beauty according to you?

I see beauty in sharp features and simplicity without resorting to plastic surgery. In my opinion, beauty lies in simple makeup without using large amounts of powder which shows skin imperfections instead of hiding them.

How did you enter the world of beauty and makeup?

I loved colors and makeup since my childhood. I enjoyed playing with my mother’s cosmetics. After my skills developed through beauty magazines and YouTube videos, I began practicing on friends and family. And after the emergence of social media, followers started to know me.

Who are your beauty icons?

Marilyn Monroe and Soad Hosny.

Who is your contemporary beauty icon?

Angelina Jolie. I love her personality and sharp features.

Is there a Kuwaiti or Arab female figure of breathtaking beauty?

Amal Al-Awadi.

How often you visit makeup stores?

Weekly. I have to stay up to date with the latest in the world of makeup.

How do you know and learn about the latest fashion and beauty products?

I watch fashion shows and read fashion magazines, because every international fashion show includes new make-up trends and products. I also follow YouTube channels and some international bloggers.

Is there a cosmetic trend you wish would end as soon as possible?

Obvious contouring and drawing on eyebrows in dark colors like black, or permanent eyebrow tattoos. I also don’t like thin eyebrows. Instead, I prefer thick natural eyebrows.

What’s a cosmetic trend you think will remain popular for a long time?

Retro classic eyeliner and cat eyeliner.

What do you use to highlight your eyebrows?

I always advice my followers to use eyebrow powder, because it gives a natural result and reduces hair fall from the brows. Recently I liked eyebrow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills, because it gives a natural and clear result.

Which is the best foundation in your opinion?

There are many I like but the best are:

  • Lancôme Teint Miracle
  • La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid

What would we find in your daily makeup bag?

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder
  • Creme D’Nude Lipstick from MAC
  • They’re Real Mascara from Benefit
  • Lipliner in Khashab from Bassam Fattouh
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Joy

Which are the best makeup brushes that you use?

Sigma brushes.

Which brand has the best eye shadows in your opinion?

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar
  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude

Which are the lipsticks you constantly find yourself buying? 

  • MAC Creme D’Nude
  • MAC Honey Love
  • MAC Ruby Woo
  • MAC Sin
  • Bassam Fattouh Fairytale Pink


Which is the best concealer?

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer is the best.

Three principles you recommend for fabulous makeup:

  1. Clean skin.
  2. Moisturize the skin and prepare it for makeup.
  3. Select an appropriate foundation cream for the skin, preferably from a well-known brand.

Which are the best makeup stores in Kuwait?

Sephora and MAC.

Is there a new product that you like?

La Prairie Booster Anti-Age Intervention Rapide and Bassam Fattouh Loose Fix powder.

Any last tips for our readers?

I wish that all ladies take care of their skin, because it is the basis of beautiful makeup and to love themselves and their beauty, because self-confidence reflects in a woman’s personality.

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