Corsica: A Mediterranean Secret

Enjoy a well-deserved summer break on this enchanting island!

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Corsica is often called the Island of Beauty for its diverse scenery and cozy environment. Passing on from Pisan and Genovese influences, Corsica is now a region of France. As Balzac called it, Corsica is “a French island basking in the Italian sun”.

Rugged granite cliffs meet clear cerulean waters in the backdrop, as the summer sun shines merrily overhead. Between the mountains and the sea is a beautiful island that has something for every visitor. Those looking to relax can get away from tourist crowds in the almost secluded northern part of the island. The island also has a lot of nature-related activities so outdoor enthusiasts will be particularly pleased.

Cap Corse on the northern tip of the island is a beautiful mountain range with picture perfect villages and seaside. Close by, Bastia is the city to visit for some art and history. The Terra-Vecchia district with the old picturesque port and the 17th century Saint-Jean-Baptiste church are worth visiting. The south of the island is a more buzzing destination for tourists. Porto-Vecchio is swankier compared to its northern cousins, with dazzling beaches like Tamariccio and Palombaggia. Water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, and kite surfing abound throughout the island. Hikers can head to the many walking trails available, including the famous and arduous GR 20 trail.

One of the best accommodation options in Corsica is undoubtedly the Domaine de Murtoli. Located on a 2,000 hectare landscape, the estate features rustic luxury at its best. Individual cottages and villas dot the landscape, with options of a beach, valley, and pastoral views. Built entirely from stone, these 17th century residences have their own unique character, and retain warmth in the winter while protecting from heat in the summer. The architecture is very patrician, with high ceilings and arches, heavy doors, and traditional touches. Details like antique furniture, fine linens, and rock pools add to the charm of the property. The estate has many dining options for guests – a grotto restaurant in the cooler months, and an open-air beach restaurant inspired by fishermen’s shacks add some fun to the relaxed atmosphere. All the produce is grown on the estate with farm fresh vegetables and meat, while all other ingredients are locally sourced. A stay at Murtoli nourishes both the body and the soul. Casadelmar is another wonderful hotel, and a member of Design Hotels. Inspired by the island’s natural elements, the hotel incorporates raw materials to complement its prime seaside location. The property boasts a Michelin-starred chef, infinity-edge pool, private beach, spa, and even a helipad!

With French and Italian influences in its cuisine, Corsican food is bound to be delicious. Chestnuts form an important ingredient in the island’s meals, along with a special olive oil that is made from ripened fruit. Michelin-starred restaurants abound on the island. Some delightful choices include La Table de Bastien, La Conchiglia, Le Pirate and many more. Le Nicoli and the restaurant at Le Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa serve gourmet French cuisine within contemporary settings.

Corsica’s status as a hidden gem is reinforced by its relative peace and lack of aggressive development, even with an influx of tourists. It is an ideal destination to hide away from the world for a short break in paradise!


As Balzac called it, Corsica is “a French island basking in the Italian sun”.

With French and Italian influences in its cuisine, Corsican food is bound to be delicious.

Hikers can head to the many walking trails…

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