Abdulridha Bin Salim: Knowledge is Key!

We knew him as a serious man and professional TV presenter. We watched him on TV and his voice accompanied us in the mornings. An academic and a lover of cinema, we’ve even seen him in a Kuwaiti movie. Abdulridha Bin Salim is a man who has proved his presence throughout the years in various fields.

Who is Abdulridha Bin Salim?

I am Abdulridha Bin Salim with no titles or additions. In fact, this issue bothers me and I always introduce myself only as Abdulridha Bin Salim. And if there is a definition of the character, I introduce myself first as an academic not a media figure.

Is there a story or event in your life that has influenced you strongly?

There is no specific event; I am a product of many things like parents, neighbors, and society. I do not know if I have changed, but I have become calmer and more peaceful and more tolerant with others.

What are the three most important goals in you in life?

Three goals? I do not know if I have even one goal!

In your opinion, what does the Kuwaiti man need to be effective and successful?

There are a lot of hard workers in Kuwait, but we aspire for more undoubtedly. I think some lack a sense of responsibility and determination.

Tell us about your studies.

I studied in public schools and then joined the Faculty of Medicine and discovered that I don’t like sciences. I found myself interested in literature, so I studied English literature at Kuwait University and completed my studies in Linguistics in the USA.

You’ve presented a variety of programs over the years. Which is closest to your heart?

Yes, I’ve presented several programs: competitions, cultural, politics, economics, and religious. But I think live shows attract me more; like my previous work with Marina FM for example. I used to communicate with the audience daily for two hours live on air.

What is a goal that you wish to accomplish in your career?

In fact I don’t have a certain objective. I am still practicing media as a hobby and passion.

What are the main ideas and principles that you would like to spread in the Kuwaiti society?

I wish we would establish professional media and art in all its forms. I also wish to spread the culture of tolerance and acceptance of others.

How can one be successful in one’s career?

To work in what you love, or to try to love your job. If you cannot do it, then it is injustice to continue, whatever the price!

What are the specifications of a productive person?

Sincerity in work, the desire to produce, and to see things from different angles.

Who is the woman for you?

In fact, I am not convinced in the saying that women are half of society, because human beings, whether man or woman are measured by productivity regardless of gender.

What is the role of women in your career?

I had the privilege to work with more than one woman as president or colleague and their imprint was lasting.

Which was the last book you read?

 Unfortunately, my reading has reduced a lot recently. I love biographies and books related to cinema.

Where we will find you ten years from now?

I do not know. I’d rather answer as to where I hope to be. I hope that I will not be in the same place. I would like to move to a whole new experience or remote area or another planet. I might not be in this world!

What has your media success added to your life?

A lot; I am addicted to work. Media gave me the opportunity to work continuously and develop my perceptions widely and this has definitely changed my life for the better.

If you could create your own television program, what would it be?

It would be about cinema.

Who is an elegant man from your point of view?

An elegant man is one who dresses for the occasion in a coordinated manner. Certainly the cost of fabric does not matter, but the taste does.

What is femininity for you?

Tenderness and sophistication in speech. Unfortunately we see women nowadays compete with men in roughness.

Is there a dream you are still working to achieve?

To travel around the world, but the biggest dream is to travel to another planet.

Which is your favorite country?

The USA.

Does traveling change us?

Of course, because knowing other cultures makes you aware that you are not alone in this world and that there are different ideologies. You become more respectful and appreciate others and are more grateful for what is in the universe.

Are you stylish?

I think but not in an exaggerated way.

Which are your favorite brands?

I don’t care about brands. Sometimes I buy an expensive piece only because I like it and sometimes I buy a cheap piece just because I like it.

Which watch would you like to own someday?

Can I answer serenity hour, because I do not wear watches.

Who are your favorite designers?

Paul Smith, Zara, and La Martina.

Are you a fan of fashion?

Sure, I love fashion because I like change but I never yield to it.

Define the following words:

Microphone: passion

Fear: Illusion

Isolation: sometimes necessary

Travel: fun

Friendship: a source of happiness

Media: a strange world

Truth: Lie

Thought: light

Existence: fact

Book: friend

Any final words you would like to share with us?

I think adding a Cinema section in your magazine will increase its beauty. Thank you.

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