Royale Orchid Suites: The Princess Experience

From the moment a mother-to-be steps foot on the sixth floor in Royale Hayat hospital, she will see for herself the unequaled opulence. The two “Royale Orchid” wards on the floor are designed to provide unprecedented luxury to the child-birthing experience.

The room is designed like a luxurious international hotel. The ward has a bed and a spacious bathroom exclusively for the mother, along with a seating area consisting of a dining table, kitchen, and guest bathroom. In addition, there is also a private bedroom for the person accompanying the new mother. The ward houses a wide reception room adjacent to the mother’s room for guests. All she has to do is to take a few steps in order to greet them. The reception room has a luxurious non-medical, a corner for guests to be seated and marble tables. During her recovery, the new mother enjoys a 24-hour medical service with a butler to assist her, and hosts her guests.

The reception department at Royale Hayat hospital also helps guests in the “Royale Orchid” suite to organize a reception party from A to Z in terms of decorations, sweets and chocolates, coffee, and food. This service also includes individuals trained in Arab hospitality to serve guests and take care of all the ceremony’s details like food, decor, flowers, and souvenirs according to the customer’s requests. Apart from these, there are many privileges that add a fine and sophisticated touch to the celebrations. The “Royale Orchid” suites in Royale Hayat hospital provide patients with a range of additional services to care of the mother and child.

All you have to do is to communicate with the hospital, visit these special suites and book in advance according to your due date. The floor director will welcome you and explain all the privileges and services that you will experience and enjoy from the moment you enter to the hospital, give birth, recover, and host the reception party, until the day you leave the hospital safely with the precious new addition to your family.

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