Ramadan Dining Hotspots

Ramadan is a time to introspect and reflect, but it is also the perfect occasion to reconnect with family and friends. While everyone has their own customs and traditions to celebrate, here are some new favorites to add to the list!

The food scene in Kuwait is experiencing an almost Renaissance-like period right now. Local original concepts have taken off with a bang, and there are many memorable and delicious takes on global and traditional cuisine. Take South Mubarakiya, or SoMu, for instance. From an oft overlooked and traditional market, the SoMu area is quickly becoming one of the hippest places for unique boutique and restaurant concepts. The people behind this radical change are Ahmad Al-Ghanim and Bader Al Hejailan, owners of the fashion and lifestyle concept store Thouq. Their dedication to this urban design revolution is evident in the numerous details and welcome changes in the location. Trendy new cafes and restaurants like Flower Latte, Breo, Msayaan, and organic restaurants like Brothers St. and 7th Heaven are very popular with the trendy crowd.

A short distance from the souq is the Street by Zubabar restaurant by Almakan. Experimentation on new cuisines and flavors is at the heart of Street, while retaining its unique urban identity. For Ramadan, Chef Faisal Al Nashmi is taking a different approach, “People prefer to spend Ramadan with family and friends, that’s why we focus on creativity to offer something new by fusing traditional flavors with a modern sensibility.” Guests will be able to pre-order dishes and enjoy a new twist on traditional fare. Almakan aims to make the experience a multi-sensory one, and is also organizing workshops and events to allow creative souls a platform to showcase their work at their gallery.

A chance discovery about his own food allergies led Fadhel Husain to discover the Paleo lifestyle, which mimics the nutrition system followed in the Stone Age. Already passionate about cooking and baking, this gave an additional push to Husain, “My intention was to create food that makes your body feel good.” He founded Caveboy Grubs, an Instagram ordering service to cater to those with similar allergies, or even for those who wished to try an alternative lifestyle by offering grain-free, dairy-free, and legume-free dishes; and in some cases even a vegan version. For Ramadan, Husain has created a menu that offers paleo and vegan versions of dishes like harees, meat machboos, stuffed vine leaves, logaimat, and even ice cream.

With so many options to explore and experience, this Ramadan looks all set to be a memorable one!

The Spirit of Giving

Discover the true local spirit of Ramadan with Madeenah, a multidisciplinary platform that engages with the community through walking tours that range from historical and cultural, to socioeconomic and culinary. In Ramadan, Madeenah will offer a special tour of ‘festive giving’ on the 13th, 14th, and 15th days of the holy month.

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