Asrar Alsaeed… A Dream Come True!

Who is Asrar Alsaeed? And what pushed a quiet and shy girl like her to work in the field of media? Asrar says that shyness has nothing to do with success and that self-development helps one to overcome all difficulties. Many people probably do not know that we have heard Asrar’s voice even before we saw her on Alrai TV. That’s right; she stared in the series “Habebate Daeman” on Marina FM. To know more, we interviewed her.

How do you introduce yourself to people when you meet them for the first time?

Asrar Alsaeed, a 24-year-old Leo. I adore the microphone and camera. I love media and dream to leave my imprint, however small, in a world full of excitement and thrills.

Where did you study and what was your specialty?

I graduated from the University of Kuwait and studied Media Specialization in Radio and Television.

What dreams did you aspire to achieve when you were little?

My many dreams have changed and varied according to my childhood and the influences that I’ve had. In the beginning, I wanted to be a doctor, and then a model because I watched fashion programs, and finally chose media. I was impressed by this field since childhood. I attended many children’s programs and was drawn to the working method and what went on behind the scenes. I researched directors and repeated their words… media became my passion.

Tell us about your start in media?

My story is simple with success in the end. When I was 16, I participated in a fashion program on a private Kuwaiti channel and drew the attention of the officials for my vitality and presentation abilities. At the age of 18 I participated in the radio series “Habebate Daeman” which gained a huge following and increased my love of media. Then I stopped for three years to finish my university studies and specialized in the same field, which expanded my knowledge and experience in media.

Tell us about your experience in “Habebate Daeman”.

The series is a romantic comedy and I played the role of a pampered, dreamy girl that comes from another world. She is also neurotic and ill-tempered. I starred in the series with Khalid Ansari and a beautiful group of radio presenters at Marina FM. This experience taught me to control my voice and performance. I was worried at first because it was new to the community and the story was very strange, but it succeeded.

What was your family’s reaction when you told them that you are interested in working in media?

My family is open-minded and was my first supporters in this field. I always receive notes and encouragement to develop myself and my performance from them.

Tell us about your start in television.

I started working with Alrai TV. After two months of training I appeared on “Raicom Shabab” program, which discusses the issues and concerns of the youth and highlights the achievements of young people in various fields. Then I participated in “Masaai” program, which hosts VIP guests. These experiences increased my confidence and developed my personality.

Do you think that media is all set for women and do they get a platform on par with men?

Yes, this field is very suitable for women and all set to receive women as active and influential members. I feel the bad reputation of this field does not exceed personal actions and should not be applied to all in the business. Women should draw boundaries with colleagues. As for equality, I think that this field gives greater opportunities for women to develop.

If you had the opportunity to create your own TV program what would it be?

I love movies and the art of cinema. If I ever have my own program, it would be about cinema or women.

Do you support and encourage young people in Kuwait?

I’m definitely one of the biggest fans and supporters of them. I always attend youth exhibitions and recently noticed that this category devotes a lot of time and effort in small enterprises.

Tell us about “Masaai”.

Masaai is a social talk show that discusses social issues and problems with specialists. I participated in it for about four months, and I came away with a lot of experience.

How did you find working in Al Rai TV? Did you encounter any difficulties?

The work is very comfortable and the management is very understanding. When I was a student I received great support and am very grateful for their confidence in youth. I’m proud of myself because I assumed a good position through my work with them.

Tell us about your other hobbies.

I love to stay at home watching movies and eating my mother’s delicious food. Also I love shopping as far as my budget permits.

How do you spend your free time?

I hope that I have more leisure time, since my obligations occupy most of my time. But I make sure from time to time to take a short holiday. I love to travel to distant and different places to spend holidays with my family in a new country or chalet.

Do you like to travel? Which is the country that you constantly go back to and why?

I love to travel and I find it fun and comforting, but I haven’t yet visited the same country twice. I love all the European countries. I also enjoy the cities, or countries where I entertain, shop, and relax. If I had the choice I would have lived each year in a different country.

How do you deal with your fame in a society like Kuwait?

I think I did not reach the kind of fame that causes me harassment. Usually I receive encouragement from mothers with daughters, which gives me a greater responsibility to be a good role model for girls my age.

Is there a dream you haven’t achieved yet?

To be a businesswoman and to live abroad. I dream of immigrating to a foreign country to live my life the way I like.

Does the hijab hold you back? Did you ever think to take it off to evolve in your work?

The hijab not an obstacle at all, because a presenter does not need to have a specific appearance. A presenter’s most important features are: courtesy, culture, and intelligence. These things one can get regardless of clothes. I do not believe that hijab is a barrier for politeness. We live in an Arab-Islamic society and it’s natural to have young women wearing hijab in the media. I’m not thinking of taking it off at all, because development depends on oneself and not external factors.

What should a beginner TV presenter do in order to distinguish themselves from others?

Confidence in self, and not to blindly imitate colleagues and peers. One must have their own character. One should also develop herself and take courses to refine talents. During my university I took several courses in TV presenting, media preparation, etiquette, and others.

What distinguishes Asrar from others?

Asrar is characterized by her natural personality, without any artificiality and affectation.

Are you married?

No, I’m single.

Do you consider yourself successful and why?

Yes, I consider myself successful and thanks to the Lord I have reached a good position in my field appropriate to my age and experience. I have achieved my dreams at a young age.

What do you think about social media?

Social media is a double-edged sword. If you use it correctly you will be an active member and benefit people. In my page I display my interests and likes in products and clothing. I don’t like to be called a fashionista or a blogger, because I am a young presenter and share what I love with girls.

Is there a dream you are still working to achieve?

Establishing my private project.

What distinguishes the Kuwaiti girl from the rest?

The Kuwaiti girl is ambitious, independent, educated and self-reliant. In the past, our society was patriarchal and women played a secondary role. But now the situation is beginning to change and girl’s activities are increasing frequently. I’ve met many girls who advocate for global issues.

How would you describe your style?

Simple and silky fits a young women wearing hijab. Simplicity is required for me; my clothes are far from flashy colors with strange details.

What do you think about fashion? Is it a big part of your life?

Sure, it’s a part of my life. I get bored fast usually so I look for what’s new in fashion, accessories, and decor. I love change and always look for what suits me.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I will be 34 and probably in the Maldives enjoying cold drinks and discussing my project with my husband.

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