Seven Ways of Beauty

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Sisters Nour, Sheikha and Rasha believe that beauty is for everyone and it’s not limited to women. But women were, and still are, the symbol of beauty for what God gave. And despite the fact that our internal beauty is usually highlighted through actions and manners, our outer appearance is also important in the form of our personality and self-expression represented in our choices and decisions. We interviewed the owners of “7 Ways” salon


How did you enter the world of beauty?

At the beginning we shared a passion for make-up and everything related to beauty, but our younger sister Sheikha started putting on makeup for our friends and family members. This encouraged us to think about opening a cosmetic salon.

Who was your beauty icon when you were young?

The Italian actress Sophia Loren, perhaps because our mother looks so much like her.

Who is your beauty icon now?

It is difficult to answer this question. They all look alike because of cosmetic surgeries.

What is the most aspect of makeup?

The skin, which is the base that shows the beauty of the face, is most important. If it is healthy, smooth, and clean, makeup will look more beautiful. Eyes are also an important part as they reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the person.

3 (Medium)Tell us about your basic makeup collection that you use daily.

Our collection consists of different products: skin cleaning products, and high-quality pre-makeup moisturizer. And according to the skin color and the degree of each one of them, we choose the right foundation cream and concealer. There’s also an eye shadow palette with basic and neutral colors, eyeliner pen, and mascara. Contouring starts with the appropriate brushes according to the details of the customers face. The routine ends with a good bronzer and matte lipstick.

What product do you use daily?

Rasha: Foundation cream and eyeliner pen. I do not think that there is a woman in the world who does not have these two products. Foundation cream should be the same shade of skin in order to hide any defects. The eyeliner pen enhances the shape of the eye and makes it more beautiful and clear.
A beauty product you cannot live without?

Nour: Laura Mercier SPF 20 Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Do you have a very essential daily skin care product?

Moisturizer cream which is always in our bag. Also eye cream to protect the eyelids and under the eyes that needs special care. There’s also sun protection cream which should be a daily routine for every woman, especially in hot countries such as Kuwait.

4 (Medium)Can you name five of your beauty principles?

1. Adequate sleep helps the skin glow.
2. Make sure to comb your hair daily because the look of combed hair will give you great confidence.
3. Long thick eyelashes add a beautiful touch to your look.
4. Full-foundation coverage gives you a clear skin.
5. Self-confidence is the key to true beauty.

If we opened Nour’s makeup bag what would we find inside?

In addition to previous mentioned products you will find:
– Compact eye shadow by Pupa Vamp No. 104.
– Black Mascara “Luxurious Lashes” from Kiko.
– Brown Illusion Powder No. 11 from Bourjois.
– Radiance baked bronzer from Laura Mercier.
– Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer from The Balm
– Matte lipstick Kinda Sexy from M.A.C.


What is the biggest secret of beauty from your point of view?

Smiling is the secret of beauty. A profound and sincere smile highlights the features.

Is there a usual aesthetic tradition that you employ at home?

Rasha: When you are home, comb your hair in a circular way, and when you want to go out drop release the spirals and your hair will look more voluminous.

What do you use to maintain healthy and thick hair?

Nour: We wash our hair with Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner. It’s a German brand that focus on the roots and it is available in our salon 7 WAYS. We also do a weekly care program with Macadamia Natural Oil products.

What are three most important tips to maintain long and healthy hair?

– Comb your hair every night before going to sleep, so you will not be compelled to comb it in a violent way in the morning.

– Use high-quality shampoo with healthy hair benefits.

– Use natural hair masks such as avocado, banana, garlic, and aloe vera.

Do you prefer braids or pony tails?

Both hairstyles have their form and time; and depending on the final look, both are suitable and beautiful. But we believe that the pony tail is suitable for all times: whether high with smooth tight hair in the front, or low and normal. Braids are constantly trendy in all seasons.

What distinguishes 7 Ways salon from other salons?

7 Ways salon offers high-quality services. Our employees are experts in their fields for more than 20 years, and they are educated in all aspects of hair, skin and nails. Our salon is famous for new hair style trends and our makeup is inspired by the recent fashion shows in each season. We also offer various hair treatments and modern hair colors.

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