Ghadeer Qambar: Simple is Elegant

Usually Ghadeer Qambar’s look is characterized by simplicity and complexity. Soothing colors complement her features along with her absolute faith that facial beauty emanates from the inside. Ghadeer entered the world of beauty during her teenage years where she tried to study and imitate made up models in international magazines. With time and continuous training she began to put makeup for her family members and friends, and started her career.


–          How do you define beauty?

Beauty is simplicity and elegance. The more you keep it simple and classy, the more attractive you become.

–          How did you enter this field? And how did makeup and cosmetics become your passion?

Since I was a teenager, I used to put on makeup and try to copy what I saw in magazines. I also had a read a lot about beauty and skin care. In time, my friends started asking me if I could do their makeup for an event or parties. And so I started doing it professionally.

–          Who was your beauty idol when you were a kid?

Supermodel Cindy Crawford. I used to love her features a lot.

–          What about now?

Actually, I have many in mind but one of the beautiful ladies who inspire me in terms of makeup and style is Kim Kardashian.

–          A beauty product that you think is the most amazing invention ever?

All the BB, CC creams. It is a huge shift from what we used before.


–          An item you can’t live without?

Moisturizer and Mascara!

–          What do you like the most in your face and features?

My bone structure and square jaw.

–          Tell us about your makeup collection? What does it comprise?

A very good range of foundations and concealers with good long-lasting coverage, useful eye shadow palettes, black eye pencil and liner, mascara, tan blush, eyebrow and shadow brushes, loose powder, lipsticks, and of course lashes!

–          What is the most important item in your makeup bag?

Lip balm and a compact powder.

–          What is the single feature that you spend time working on when you apply makeup to yourself?

My eyebrows since mine are thin.

–          Give us your top 5 beauty tips that you swear by?

  1. Always keep your skin moisturized and clean before applying makeup.
  2. Use a proper foundation brush to apply liquid foundation.
  3. I never change facial features. I just make them more beautiful and hide the flaws.
  4. I do what suits my face. If a makeup look doesn’t suit my face, I don’t apply it.
  5. Always clean your brushes.3–          Give us the most 10 important makeup items that never leave your makeup bag.
    1. Hand and face moisturizer from Vichy
    2. Pro-long Concealer from M.A.C in NC20
    3. Compact Powder M.A.C in NC41
    4. Lashes and Lash glue (Due is my favorite glue)
    5. Schwing black eyeliner from TheBalm
    6. Nude – M.A.C Myth, Fuchsia – M.A.C Red Balloon, or Red – M.A.C Viva Glam I
    7. D&G, Laura Mercier, or M.A.C foundation
    8. My makeup brushes from M.A.C
    9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Brow Powder Duo along with the Contour Kit
    10. NARS and Smashbox blushes4

    –          Your ultimate beauty secret to share with our readers?

    Inner beauty is your secret. I believe that a beautiful face comes from a great spirit.

    –          Do you have a home beauty remedy that you want to share?

    Yes! Drink lots and lots of water. Natural masks such as my famous yogurt, honey and turmeric mix are great for hydrating your skin and clearing spots.

    –          What do you use to care and protect your hair?5

    Good shampoo. I use my favorite Alterna Caviar shampoo, along with L’Oreal Elvive mask. I also recommend hydrating masks and serums to keep hair shiny and healthy especially after coloring.

    –          How should one care for long hair like yours?

    Taking care of hair needs great effort. I use oils such as coconut oil or Dabur Vatika thrice a week. I also cut my split ends every two months.

    –          What are the three most important elements for beautiful hair?

    Avoid excessive heat. Avoid extreme color changes and always get some supplements with a healthy diet.

    –          Ponytail or braid?


    –          A hairdo you will never try?

    Short hair or a low bun.

    –          The most efficient and ultimate hair salon in Kuwait

    I barely go to salons, so I don’t have any recommendations.

    –          Any last thoughts?

    Always believe in yourself. Beauty is simplicity and every woman is beautiful if she knows how to take care of herself.




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